Yesterday’s Tears: British English


When I started writing Yesterday’s Tears, I was still writing in the American spelling. I wrote the entire book in the American spelling, but as I wrote the next book in the series it changed into the British spelling. Maybe because this series takes place in England? They use British expressions, and I found I really liked using them. So I went back and redid Yesterday’s Tears to match the British spelling as well.

Back when we were taught English in school (from about third grade or so), we were told we were learning the British spelling. It is quite possible, because looking back at old stories I see I have the spelling in correctly. However, I grew up with American soap operas and American films and I hardly watched anything British.

Now though I find I really do like to watch British dramas and films. It all started with Hollyoaks, which I’ve now stopped watching, but I followed their first gay storyline vigorously years ago. I went on to Skins and Doctor Who and Sherlock, and most recently I’ve been watching the reality show Geordie Shore.

After all this, I’ve come to realise I love the British way to speak. I simply love the tone, the expressions, the words they have that doesn’t exist in American. I love the British spelling and I went back to it. Most publishers seems to want American spelling, so I’m going to have to switch back at one time, but for now I’m quite happy writing with the British spelling and using British expressions.

Yesterday’s Tears will be released on November 20th, from Less Than Three Press.

Yesterday’s Tears: The Cover


Yesterday’s Tears will be out in under a month, and as a way of promoting it I thought I was going to do a weekly post about the novel every Tuesday. YT is a book in my Their Circumstances series (preceded by Scarred Souls, Skin Deep, Reunited), and it’s the first novel in the series.

As this is the first post to promote the novel, what’s more appropriate to talk about than the cover, that represent the entire book? I really like the cover, because it has a sort of gloomy, sad feel to it with the darkness at the edges, but it’s also more hopeful by being light in the centre.

The picture is actually one of mine. I took that picture this summer (or was it last summer?) when I was going for a walk. My favourite trail goes above the graveyard closest to my home, and I either go both down and up the graveyard on my trip or I take the long way around and go back up the graveyard to the road.

I don’t know what prompted me to stop and take this picture. I had my new camera with me, so it might’ve been the simple reason that I wanted to try it out yet again. The original picture is very bright and the colours seem kind of flat, but by darkening and using all those wonderful tools that can make an average or dull picture simply amazing.

When I wrote Yesterday’s Tears I knew I wanted this picture on the cover, because this is what the entire novel is about; the death of beloved family members and how to go on now that they don’t exist anymore. It’s an interesting premise, especially as I’ve never experienced anything like it before, and I really hope I’ve been able to do it justice in the novel.

While the picture was provided by me, the entire cover was designed by the lovely Megan Derr. I love it, I really do. The cover is perfect for the story within, and that’s exactly what a cover’s supposed to be.

Yesterday’s Tears will be released on November 20th, from Less Than Three Press. 

Measured Doses: Cover Reveal

TCMeasuredDosesLook at this beauty! I got it in my inbox a few days ago and fell head over heels. The picture, the colours in it … it’s simply wonderful! I requested a picture of stairs or a door, and I got both. I couldn’t be happier; I think this fits the book perfectly.

The book in itself is part of my Their Circumstances series. It’s scheduled for release early next year, on February 26th. I am not writing this series in order, so this is not a sequel to Yesterday’s Tears, the novel coming next month. It’s more of a sequel to Scarred Souls, but with new characters.

This is actually my first m/m/m romance. If you read Scarred Souls, there was a certain redhead in group therapy. His name’s Chad and he’s the main character of this novella. Chad is, like Josh and Damian, a character that has been a part of this series from the very beginning.

Chad is in love with his previous English teacher, whom he also had a brief affair with. Trouble is, his teacher has a boyfriend whom he genuinely loves, and so he leaves Chad. Chad is a very troubled young man through this book, but with the help of two special men, can he break out of the downward spiral his life has become?

I do not have an official blurb yet, but I will share that one too when I get it. I’m really excited about this story, as Chad is a character I really like and one I was desperate to finally get his happy ending. I wrote the entire book back in January, all 32K in one month. I was obsessed, I just had to get Chad through the hell he was suffering and is still suffering through the book.

I am more than happy with the outcome. And the cover … well, just look at it, it speaks for itself!

More Than Anything: The series

MoreThanAnythingMore Than Anything features characters I’ve been writing about since I was sixteen years old. They’ve been with me a long time and they have changed to the unrecognisable since then. The first story was a supernatural/paranormal story written in Norwegian, where the gay characters were secondary to the straight ones.

When I started writing in English, I took many of these characters to use in my series. I moved the setting away from Norway and to an unnamed town in the US. That also meant changing their names from Norwegian to English. That worked well, because while they were still the same characters, they were also different from the ones in the Norwegian paranormal series.

I wrote their stories. Wasn’t happy, rewrote. Rinse, repeat several times. When I now dusted these characters off again recently, I did a complete overhaul on them. Some important plot points are no longer the same. Some couples are no longer the same. I do believe only the two first couples are actually the same, and everyone else has changed partners. In my opinion, it’s turned out for the better.

I also changed the setting back to Norway. This meant, I gave the original characters back their previous name, and renamed the newer characters. This means I now have two characters named Jørgen (in More Than Anything and the Arctic Love series) and two characters named Andreas (Jørgen’s cousin in More Than Anything and in the Arctic Love series).

Thing is, these characters were supposed to be retired. They weren’t supposed to see the light of day. Then they made a come-back, with brand new stories to tell, and well … they’re revived. And it’s their names, they can’t be changed. So yeah, I have two characters with that share a name with two others. But they’re all so different from their namesake that I’m sure it’ll be alright. Also, their last names are different, and that counts, right?

More Than Anything: Doing It Justice

MoreThanAnythingMore Than Anything is the title of my current WIP. It’s actually part of a series, but I haven’t decided on a new series name yet after I gave the original series name away. Yes, I gave the series name away, to the series now published as Their Circumstances. This is the original series though, and it has nothing to do with the angsty stories set in London. When I gave the name away, I didn’t have any plans reviving these characters. But now they’ve spoken to me, so I dusted them off and brought them back.

The series has the same characters as before, basically, but most of the plots are completely new. The old stories were set in school or when the characters were just out of school, and I wanted something more grown up for the revived series. Some things does happen when certain characters are in school, but each book will span from a year to a couple years to several years, depending on the couple featured.

 He may just be the right person, if only I hadn’t been so damaged and he hadn’t been only sixteen years old. 

I plan to make these books novels. There’s so much happening to all of these characters that I should be able to do this. I’m only on the first book, but it is quite intriguing. More Than Anything is written in 1st person, alternate POV between the two main characters, where they alternate a 10K instalments. So far, if the rough outline works out, it should all sum up to 80-100K in the end.

There’s a lot of history to cover in this novel. It stars: Jørgen, a twenty-two year old man with a very traumatic past who hasn’t learned to deal with it yet; and Geir, a sixteen-year old he meets by accident and who slowly worms his way into his life without really meaning to. As Geir is only sixteen, soon to be seventeen, in the beginning, this novel has to span a couple of years, or else you readers wouldn’t be getting any sex. But there’s a lot of story to cover before Jørgen will even be able to be intimate and it will be a tough journey for him.

These characters were retired, but they came back full force and now want their story told. Who am I to say no? I love these characters, some of them have been with me since I was 15-16 years old, and some of the others were added in the years to follow. It’s been a long time living inside my head without having their stories told.

I hope to finally do these characters justice.