Revealing: Summer Fever


Basking in the long summer days, Axel hikes away from his worries through Norway’s idyllic mountain passes. He’s so at ease that he slips off his clothes and bathes in the cool lake water with no fear of being called out for his bright red hair or body full of freckles. Life is grand.

Peace and quiet doesn’t come easy for mystery writer Folke. When he stumbles across his copper-haired muse naked in a mountain oasis, plans for his future novel are long forgotten in favor of love. Nature takes a bite out of the serenity the two find, and the real world encroaches, making the happy couple wonder if they didn’t just suffer a summer fever.

Coming soon, approximately around September or October, from Dreamspinner Press. 

Self-made cover art: Seasonal Love

winter-love-webI feel I should start this post like the last one: Years ago I made some covers. This is because I made these covers at the same time as the ones for ARCTIC LOVE, back in 2009-2010 somewhere. These are for the series now known as SEASONAL LOVE, but back then I only referred to it as the Related series (because it was related to the Svalbard stories, you see). I’m not very good at titles – they can be my undoing. Especially series titles.

So yeah, I made covers for this series. I made them different from the Svalbard covers because while the series were related, they were their own particular series. Also, while ARCTIC LOVE sticks mostly to Svalbard, the books in this series moves around a bit in Europe (and one even takes place in Japan!)

The first part of WINTER LOVE takes place during winter in Norway, in a cabin. So a winter landscape featuring a cabin was the perfect image. The men … well, they don’t particularly look like how I picture Lasse and Marko, but I made this way back when I thought there had to be two half-naked men on the cover.

SAKURA KISS takes place in Japan, thus the sakura flowers in the background and city landscape of Tokyo at the bottom. MOSCOW NIGHTS takes place in Moscow, thus a picture of Moscow on the cover. RUSSIAN ROULETTE was also set to take place in Moscow, and that cover has the same image to show this, but the book was never written back then. I tried, and tried, and tried, but never got it right, so I gave up. Still, it’s got a mock cover. Maybe I’ll get to that book again sometime in the future.



Arctic Love: A sale and a preorder


Northern Lights has now been put up for preorder, which means there’s 15% off, so you can get it for $3.39 until day of release. That’s quite a nice deal, don’t you think?

Varg doesn’t particularly want to go to Svalbard, but with both his brother and best friend living there, it’s the most sensible place for a holiday. He certainly doesn’t expect Jonathan, though he’s not opposed to spending his holiday madly in lust. There are definitely worse ways to stay warm in the arctic until he goes home …

And to make it even better, Polar Nights (the first book in the series) is also on sale for $3.39, so if you haven’t read this little novella set on Svalbard, now’s an excellent change to get it 15% off the regular price!

Andreas has been in love with Christian for as long as he can remember, but he’s also always known it would remain one-sided. When he travels to Svalbard to take the last years of his Masters, spending time with Christian again brings back those feelings and makes life more than a little awkward.

The very last thing Christian needs is to have a very grown, very stunning Andreas living with him for a few weeks. Even the awkwardness between them is not enough to stop his attraction. Neither is the fact that Andreas is his sister’s stepson.