Thoughts on titles?

A_glass_of_Water_by_CasslassSince I last updated, I finished the two shorts Scarred for Life and Christmas Ink, and thus was able to finally submit Inked Souls. This is the rewrite of Skin Deep, if anyone wonders, and the second book in the new Souls series.

I’ve also printed out Broken Souls, but not bound it yet. This is on my to-do for today, actually, and once I finish Imperfect Souls, the fourth book, I will start to read through them both to make sure they’re in accordance with each other, them being connected and all.

I’ve been thinking a bit about titles today. With IS being the direct sequel to BS, with the same POV characters, I was wondering what people prefer … Do they prefer a new title or for it to be titled Broken Souls II? Next book I’m writing in the series is the direct sequel to Scarred Souls, and it’s currently titled Troubled Souls, but I’m also thinking about if people would prefer it to be titled Scarred Souls II?

The reason why I’m contemplating this, is so that it’ll be easier to see which book has to be read before, because the direct sequels wouldn’t be enjoyed as much if the prequels haven’t been written.

Tell me your thoughts in the comments! I would really like to hear what people think about this. 

Book Birthday: Polar Nights

ALPolarNightsPolar Nights is two years old today! Two years ago this short novella set in the arctic of Svalbard was released into the world, and it was one story I was proud of. I wrote the first version back in the end of ’08 or ’09, and it was inspired by a nature programme about polar bears.

I wrote the first version in about two weeks or so. I was on fire those two weeks; writing writing writing. Had to get it all down. Lots have changed since the very first version, but all for the better, in my opinion.

Besides the More and Souls series, this is my most rewritten book to date, but for every rewrite it took another step in the right direction.

It’s available at Less Than Three Press for $3.99! 

Revealing: More Than Anything

MoreThanAnythingBook One in the More Than Anything series

Genre: m/m contemporary
Length: novel (98K)
Setting: Norway

Arriving home after work one evening, Jørgen sees a young man who looks adrift and out of place—and who promptly has a seizure on the sidewalk. Jørgen takes care of him until the seizure passes and then, not knowing who to contact, takes care of him for the night. After giving the kid, Geir, a ride home the next morning, he expects that to be the end of it.

He doesn’t expect Geir to be a student at the vocational school where Jørgen works as an electrician. He definitely does not expect to be drawn to Geir time and again, to want things that will never be possible for two people with more obstacles between them than can ever be overcome.

You can already add it to Goodreads here.


Writing updates

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATwo days ago I finished Broken Souls, the third book in the Souls series. It ended up at 62K in the end, though it might go up or down once I self-edit and it goes into professional edits.

Yesterday I started the short story Scarred For Life, which feature Josh and Damian from Scarred Souls, and it will be at the end of Inked Souls, along with Christmas Ink, which I’m currently writing. Scarred For Life serves to introduce Broken Souls, as it shows a scene from the novel in another POV. With these two shorts, Inked Souls is also print length, so I hope to see all three of these books in print!

Once I finished the little Christmas short with Kian and Silver, it’s on to the fourth Souls book. This is currently titled Imperfect Souls (though this might chance) and it’s a direct sequel to Broken Souls, as that one barely has a HFN ending. It also features a POV that wasn’t part of BS, so I thought a novella (or short novel perhaps) would be the way to go.

It isn’t long until the release of More Than Anything now either, another novel that will be in print! I honestly love writing novels (to think that I used to think I couldn’t ever write novels!). I should start planning out a blog tour for this book, as well as a launch of the series website. How far n advance do authors plan these things, anyway?

I’m also building a series website for Souls, but the launch will have to wait till the first book’s released. I still haven’t got a release date for it, so I’ll just have to wait and see. I’m secretly (or not so much secret anymore) hoping it’ll be released this year though. Let’s cross our fingers!

Arctic Love #2: Northern Lights

ALNorthern Lights

logo200 waxcreative-amazon-kindle All Romance Button waxcreative-goodreads

Less Than Three Press
ISBN: 9781620043868
Genre: contemporary m/m
Series: Arctic Love
Wordcount: 23,000
Release date: July 2nd, 2014

Book 2 in the Arctic Love series

Varg doesn’t particularly want to go to Svalbard, but with both his brother and best friend living there, it’s the most sensible place for a holiday. He certainly doesn’t expect Jonathan, though he’s not opposed to spending his holiday madly in lust. There are definitely worse ways to stay warm in the arctic until he goes home …