New covers for the Seasonal Love series

The Seasonal Love series come bearing new covers. I just revealed the brand spanking new cover for Moscow Nights, the third book, along with the blurb and links, so here I’ll show off the first two books in the series, Winter Love and Sakura Kiss, that got new covers as well! Beautiful, aren’t they?

All three covers are made by Aisha Akeju. Check out her website to see her portfolio! She’s so talented! She’s also making the covers for the Souls series, and I cannot wait to show off the first one. But for now… feast your eyes on these three beauties!

SLWinterLove  SLSakuraKiss  SL03MoscowNights

Revealing: Moscow Nights

SL03MoscowNightsBook Three in the Seasonal Love series

Genre: m/m contemporary
Length: novella (20K)
Setting: Norway, Russia

Called home to Russia to attend his sister’s wedding, Demitri impulsively invites his best friend, Sander, to come along and see the sites of Moscow the week before the wedding. It’s an impulse he almost immediately regrets, because spending time together with Sander, just the two of them, will make it harder than ever to pretend that he doesn’t see Sander as anything more…

Coming to Less Than Three Press on February 25, 2015.

You can add it to Goodreads or preorder at LT3 for 15% off the regular price.

More Than Anything: Ninety-Seven Days of Love

MTA_Part7These chapters were extremely easy to write. They flowed so nicely, which is why I wrote 4 chapters before writing another blog post about them. The first two chapters were from Jørgen’s POV, and they headed off in a direction that was not planned at all, but that actually worked great with the story and him as a character. It shows how deep down in that black hole he is, and what the consequences is for doing something that he hadn’t really meant to do.

Jørgen’s closest family is introduced, and Jørgen grows close with someone else. They have a lot of things MTA_Part8in common, and Jørgen finally manages to open up a bit more than he has so far in the story.

The last two chapters are from Geir’s POV. He got some bad news again, and it once again drives a wedge between him and his dad. His chapters went basically as planned, and they came just as easily as Jørgen’s chapters did.

I think I wrote these four chapters in the time-span of about a week or so. With chapter sixteen finished, there’s only four more chapters left, before the novel wraps up.

More Than Anything: The More Things Change

MTA_Part6These two chapters came easily. Some surprises happened, with scenes not planned, such as a very nice father-son moment in the beginning. It might just be one of my favourite scenes in the story so far, silly because it happened so unexpectedly, but fit so perfectly. One plan fell through, but it works out for the better, lest too many characters be introduced at once, which is not a good thing.

There is very little of Jørgen in these two chapters, so they’re not as riddled with his deep-rooted and heavy issues. These two chapters are Geir’s through and through and more hopeful in tone as to his life. He’s still only seventeen though, and though he doesn’t hate his new life as much as he could’ve, he’s still young and he can fly off the handle in a second, which was demonstrated once with his Dad here. Another father-son scene I’m quite fond off.

One of my favourite characters is introduced here. He’s also one of my most feminine and out there characters ever. He speaks his mind, is not afraid to show who he is, which I guess is what I like about him.

These chapters were easy to write. I think I only wrote the 10K in 4-5 days. The next part is Jørgen’s, which will be filled with a lot more angst than these two, considering Jørgen is now starting to finally deal with his issues.

What to do when you’re stuck?

scarred-sunday-whiteI ask myself this question every time it happens. And lately it’s happened a lot. I still don’t have an answer to it, excel to just leave the book be for a while and see if things can sort themselves out in my head.

But you know what? It messes up my schedule. I sat up a writing schedule, and three months were put down to finish Lost Souls. Guess what? Those are up soon, and I’m still stuck on the book. I haven’t got a clue what to do next. It’s aggravating.

This morning (or was it last night?) I had a bit of an idea. Lost Souls was supposed to contain Matt’s story (the main story) and a short for Josh and Damian, that goes parallel with Matt’s events. But right now I’m thinking that perhaps they should be split up anyway, which would move the series back up to eight books, as was originally planned. I think the ideas a good one, though both stories will likely end up in the 40K-range instead of one of them at 60K. But we’ll see. If I can figure out the details, it might happen. If anything else comes to me… that might happen.

Lost Souls also deals with depression, and I’m afraid that Matt might be too depressed. But he’s not doing so well and I can’t make him less depressed, because that wouldn’t work with his issues. I’m going to read through his part again sometimes soon, see for myself if it’s simply too dark and whiny, because if it is, something has to be done. Maybe skip ahead a bit, because as it stands now, the timeline is only about a week or two or so.

I’m trying to finish another WIP (a poor, abandoned one) while I let this one ruminate for a bit. We’ll see how it goes. Hopefully inspiration strikes soon – but I also kinda hope I can finish this older WIP, since it’s been waiting patiently for forever. I do know I will finish Lost Souls, I just don’t know when. I’m an impatient person though, and I don’t like to put a WIP aside, so maybe that’s what’s so aggravating. But picking up another one I put aside makes me happy too, because finally I can try and finish it. It only has about 10K-20K left after all, and then I’ll dive back into Lost Souls.

More Than Anything: Watch As My World Ends

MTA_Part5This is where it starts go downhill. Geir got some news he did not consider good in the last chapter, and in chapter 9 he gets quite a knockdown. I can’t say anything else without spoiling, but these two chapters have been very sad to write. They’ve also been hard to write, because not only was there one really sad thing happening, but there were two.

These two chapters were supposed to wrap up the first arc of the novel, but the more I wrote, the more the word count rose, the more worried I got. This is going to be too long, I kept thinking, I’m not going to be able to wrap it up. This chapter is longer than any of the others, but at least it’s all wrapped up and ready to be taken into the second arc.

It was essential to end the arc in chapter ten, because the locations change drastically in the next chapter. There weren’t enough story to do two additional chapters, and I also needed for the last chapter in this arc to be from Jørgen’s POV. Geir’s the one who’s location changes from next chapter on, so he needed to start off the next arc.

The first arc of the story is about realising your feelings, about falling slowly in love with someone, yet also knowing that your issues are keeping you back. The second arc will dig deeper into Jørgen’s psyche and how his family fit into it all, while Geir will have to come to terms with his new life. He has to grow up, become more confident in himself and make new friends.

The second arc was planned on not being as long as the first, considering the first one took up about half the planned word count. Some things changed in the last chapter though, something I had not counted on. There might not be a third arc, because the second arc might just cover it all anyway.

The new changes doesn’t change the story particularly, there’s just more happening than what was originally planned. The ending result will be the same though—and it’ll be a good one.

More Than Anything: How the Story Began

Photo-3I started writing More Than Anything back in March of 2013. I wrote part of the first chapter before the Big Writer’s Block happened and I started working and being sociable. In shorter words; before I went AWOL all summer. I wrote half the first chapter at that time, and this was when the story was supposed to be told from only Jørgen’s POV.

After the four+ months I was AWOL, the characters started coming back to me. They revealed the fact that this couldn’t be told from only Jørgen’s POV, because Geir had a lot of story to tell as well. This is when I decided to switch POV every 10K. I divided the 10Ks into two chapter of 5K, to break it up. This is still the same, but now every 10K section is also a part. Jørgen’s first two chapters are part one, Geir’s next two chapters are part two, etc.

The story unfolded before me. I’ve known these character for so many years, and I know their stories. Still, some things have changed in this new version and I am happy about it. It makes the story better and more realistic, in my opinion. For instance, in the original almost all secondary characters were either gay or bisexual. I think I only had one straight couple, and the girlfriend went lesbian after a while, while the boyfriend hooked up with another girl. Where’s the realism in that?

Photo-4The characters changed and evolved in my head. They’re living in a small town, so now most secondary character are actually straight.  It wasn’t hard to change this, it happened naturally. They haven’t come into play much yet at this point in the story, because Jørgen is a recluse and Geir doesn’t have any friends, but they’ll play a bigger part once the second arc starts.

Chapters 1-8 make up most of the first arc. This arc moves extremely slow, as Jørgen and Geir get to know each other. The writing went smoothly, because the scenes were laid out there and all I had to do was write them down. And all they have to do is contribute to the dialogue. They don’t jump right into bed, and they won’t, because their issues are so much greater than that and they need to work them out before their relationship can even think about progress.

The first arc is, for me, about them discovering that they can have happiness and they can have love and a relationship. They don’t quite know how to go about it, especially not with all the issues in the way. But they’re young and they’re trying their best. They’re taking it slow. As they should.