No Right Words

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Arctic Circle Press
Genre: contemporary m/m
Wordcount: 15,000
Release date: September 11th, 2015

Book 2.1 in the More Than Anything series

Andreas’ sister wished she’d noticed the signs before their dad hanged himself rather than recognise them once he was gone. Andreas is pretty sure he’s seeing the same signs in Alex, a bloke he’s had his eyes on for some time.

Alex is either bullied or ignored at school. Even worse, Andreas’ best friend, Glenn, is one of the loudest bullies. He can’t stand Alex—and he makes sure everyone knows it.

But Glenn’s feelings don’t deter Andreas, especially not now, when he’s seeing signs in Alex he never saw years ago in his father. He’s not going to wait for the inevitable to happen. He’s approaching Alex—and he’s going to save his life.