A case of blog-block & self-publishing

Glass__Guilt_by_RaingardenI’ve been blocked lately on what to blog about. Not much is happening in my life, so there’s nothing interesting to blog about there. Writing is going slow, so there’s not much to blog about there either. So what am I then supposed to blog about? I feel bad when I see that there’s only 3-4 posts the past four weeks. I feel really guilty about it, because I should have something to blog about. I don’t though.

I have come to a decision though. I’ve decided to try my hand at self-publishing. And not just short freebies, but longer works. Novellas and novels. I’ve been reading a lot about it lately and it seems to be a good idea. I can try at least. This means I have to hire my own editor and cover artist (if I can’t make it myself, because I do love to fuzz around in Photoshop) and maybe also a formatter if I can’t do it on my own. Cover and formatting I can most likely do, myself, I’ve even made two covers already (wrap-around covers too!), and I’m quite happy with them, if I do say so myself.

One I can’t share, because it’s the cover to the Secret Rewrite, but the other I might. I’m going to self-publish that novel, after all. I’m also going to finish Hometown soon and self-publish that series as well. It’ll be a series once I write the sequels, anyhow. Writing is going slow however. Maybe because of the Secret Rewrite? After all, once I finish it, I can’t actually do anything about it. It’ll just be sitting on the Mac, gathering dust.

When I put it like this, I should probably think about putting it aside and work on something I actually can publish. But I’m feeling the characters and they’re talking, and I can’t put them away. That wouldn’t be fair. I’m only 18K in or so, but these lads deserve their novel. There’s going to be sweat and tears and blood (quite literally, for both of them), and it’s going to be wonderful.

So I can’t let them go. It’s impossible, even if they are fighting me a bit right now. I think they’re too happy at the moment. This has to be remedied. I shall go do that now.

And with that, I just un-blocked myself. Will (hopefully) start blogging more from now on!

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