A date has been set for The Huntress

The-HuntressA date has been set, a lot quicker than I first anticipated. The book will be available on April 14th, and I’ve already uploaded it to Amazon for pre-order. I decided to only upload it on Amazon for now, so I could try out the Kindle Unlimited. It’s a 90 days roll and if I feel it doesn’t work out, it’ll be available from other retailers after those 90 days. But for now, Amazon it is.

The book hasn’t changed much from the anthology story, but the writing’s been tightened up, changed sentences here and there, and deleted some. I had a vague idea to rewrite some parts of it, because I had it in mind that some parts sucked, but when I read through it the first time… it was actually good. So it’ll remain basically the same.

I’m excited at my first foray into self-publishing. I had More Than Okay up on Amazon for $0.99, but that was only because I couldn’t make it free. I’ve now taken it down, because honestly, it’s a free read, and if Amazon won’t make it free, it’ll only be available from my website.

This being a f/f novella, I don’t have the highest hope for it. I know f/f don’t sell half as good as m/m does (what a shame!), but it’ll be out there for those who are interested in reading a lesbian fantasy story. (Anyone?) It’s about making a life-choice, some fluff and some romance, and a dash of monsters to fight. A fun little romp, quite along the lines of the two other books in the series, Forest of Fenris and Desert Fire. You do not have to read those two before reading The Huntress: it stands entirely on its own. (Though a certain couple does make a cameo. But no names are exchanged. So it’s all rather mysterious.)

I shall make a page for the book tomorrow, once it’s up for pre-order on Amazon. Amazon informed me it could take 12-24 hours for it to appear, so I choose to believe that and head to bed. There will be a book page and a link tomorrow for those interested. I do hope someone will try out my little lesbian fantasy novella, because I truly did enjoy writing it way back in 2011. (It’s the second book I submitted! I think? Might’ve been third, actually.)

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