A new pen name? Or two? Or three?

I’ve ben thinking lately about separating my regular romance contemporaries, my erotica shorts, and my fantasy. That means two other pen names. The regular romance contemporaries would be kept under this name, obviously. Those are what I want to be known for. The More series, the Souls series, the Arctic Love series, and Protection. Those are the kinds of stories I love to write.

Then, sometimes, I write something else. Like erotica shorts and fantasy.

I used to think no way will I separate my stories into different pen names, but I’ve been contemplating it lately. The romance contemporaries are books I want friends and family to read if they’re interested (which no one in my family is since it’s in English and gay, and I don’t mention my writing much to friends). The erotica however is something I definitely do not want family and friends to read. And the fantasy… well. I think about my Legend & Lore series as YA. Something maybe my sister can read when she learns English properly.

So three pen names. Should I do it? I know some authors who do have separate pen names, some who keep everything under one. Pros and cons?

Please comment with your views on this. I’m conflicted here!

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