A peek at 2020

A peek at 2020

I have plans for 2020. It’s going to be the start of a much better decade for me than the one we’re currently in was. It has to be or I will simply give up, and that’s just not an option.


For starters, I hope to really get back into writing in 2020. It’s terrible that I only managed two half-arsed books this year. Speaking of those two half-arsed books, they will be revised. Forcing myself to finish something never ends well and I wasn’t in a good place when I forced myself to do it either.

The whole series will be revised. Longer, better, tighter, more feelings, more POVs. The stories will stay the same, I’ll just change small details for continuity reasons and add a second POV to single-POV books. I’m already working on this, so I’m back in the writing game a little!

I will write more books in the series too. New books. And with different couples, more m/f and more poly and perhaps even f/f. I’ve always wanted to write an f/f book, but no characters have ever spoken up. But I have hope. It’ll happen one day.

Tighter branding

Yes. This. I’ve been all over the place. Changing things. New website here, new pen name there. New and improved versions will move to Tina T. Kove in 2020 (yes, using my real first name!) and older books will stay on TT Kove until I get around to revising them. This website will be my main hub – but ACPress will still be around too.

Other platforms

I will also start doing more with my Patreon. I want to build it further and tighten it up as well, as I feel it’s all over the place right now. I want to breathe life back into my FB group as well, so that those who don’t want to be on Patreon, can join there. They’ll get news, but not WIPs and extra short stories. I also want to start a Discord – and I have just sat up my own server there, so I will roll that out soon.

My main focus in 2020: website, Patreon, FB group and Discord. And Instagram, obviously. I like posting pictures. When I have any. But that’s more of a hobby. Main business-related places will be those first four.

What are your plans for 2020? Do you even have set plans or are you just winging it?


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