A Shattered Soul: This is not a romance story

Souls0ShatteredI’ve just uploaded A Shattered Soul to Amazon, All Romance Ebooks, and Smashwords. It’s a free read, except not on Amazon because there it needs to be price-matched. If anyone want to help with that, please do so quickly so it can become perma-free! I would also be very grateful if an honest review was left both on Amazon and on GoodReads.

This short story takes place before Scarred Souls, which comes out in thirteen days. It is not a romance, and it has no happy for now or happy ever after. It’s simply written to provide background on a minor character that appears in Scarred Souls.

It is the first book I uploaded to other sites than Amazon. Since it’s free, there was no reason to go Kindle Select. I wanted to try out ARe and Smashwords too, so I did. (It already had 16 downloads on Smashwords last I checked!).

The cover is made by yours truly, and I got to say… I’m quite proud of it! I think I made a good job with it. The photo captures Mal and how he’s feeling on the spot, too. I knew I had to have that picture once I saw it on the stock site I use. It was perfect. The hardest thing for me when it comes to covers is the font. I can try out fonts for hours until I find the right one. Sometimes I have to let the cover rest for a few days (or weeks…) before I figure out exactly the way I want it. This came about quite nice, once I decided to do my own thing and not try and make it look like the rest of the series (I have not made those covers, so I didn’t like trying to make them have the same “feel” and set-up. Though I love them! Love those covers SO MUCH!).

I hope A Shattered Soul will be enjoyable (or, well, it’s not an enjoyable read, it is not light at all, it’s all dark and heavy). But anyway, here it is, released into the world. I hope you liked it, even if it is quite a dark story and not at all a romance.

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