Black Sun

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Arctic Circle Press
Genre: contemporary m/m
Wordcount: 26,000
Release date: November 27th, 2015

Book 6 in the Arctic Love series

Two years after Jonathan’s daring proposal, their engagement still holds. For Varg, life’s been a lot easier than the first nine months they spent together. Life’s also been a lot less chaotic. He’s even liking Svalbard—and not just the town, but the wilderness too. There’s something special to the land.

Svalbard is part of Jonathan’s blood and things really couldn’t be any better. He’s got his home, his business, and his man. Life’s great. Until the day it isn’t. After finding a lump, he heads to the mainland to see a doctor, and the news is not good.

Jonathan doesn’t know how to tell Varg—so he doesn’t. Instead he hopes to get it over quickly, suffer in silence, and then go back to his normal, happy life. But even though Jonathan isn’t forthcoming, Varg isn’t so easily fooled.

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