Inked Souls

Part of the Scarred Souls series:
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Kian didn’t anticipate being dragged along while his friend got a tattoo as anything but a waste of time. Then he meets Silver, a handsome tattoo artist who provokes all sort of x-rated thoughts and ambitions. More intriguing, Silver’s been waiting for a chance to get to know Kian.

A relationship wasn’t what Kian was expecting when they fall into bed, but he’s not opposed. But the beginning of a relationship is the easy part, it’s everything after that’s a challenge—especially when the danger of disease and infection enter the picture.

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Published: 09/02/2015
Publisher: Less Than Three Press

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I looked at my best friend inquiringly, wanting to be the voice of reason before she did something she could potentially regret.

Chloe was all but vibrating besides me. “I am so ready; you have no idea!” She nudged me with her shoulder, grin wide. “Stop worrying so much. You should do it yourself. Your skin would look so good with some colour on it to match your hair.”

I rolled my eyes as we stopped beside the tattoo shop. There was a light on inside, but the door itself was locked. The sign was turned to closed.

Chloe wasted no time knocking. She even did that cheerfully today. She’d been all excited about getting her first tattoo all day.


I wasn’t entirely certain on how she’d got me to go with her. I had better things to do after work than watch her sitting in a chair for hours, getting a design tattooed on her body. But somehow she’d talked me into it, and so there I was.

The lock clicked and the door opened, the bell above it ringing in the process. I turned—and found myself face to face with the most handsome bloke I’d ever laid my eyes upon.

His hair was black and cut in a short faux-hawk. His face was square and masculine and altogether well-proportioned. His eyes were a steely grey and framed by dark lashes, and I literally felt my heart skip a beat as I looked into them.

I lowered my gaze slowly, taking in soft-looking lips that I wouldn’t mind kissing, a toned chest clad in a really tight tee, tattooed arms bared for me to ogle, strong thighs clad in form-fitting jeans that clearly showed off the bulge in his crotch. Oh, bloody hell.

“Silver.” Chloe cut in front of me. She hugged him, he hugged her back, and they seemed entirely too familiar with each other.

She hadn’t said anything to me about knowing the bloke who was going to tattoo her and I found myself ticked off. I had no right feeling that way, rationally, seeing as I didn’t know the man and Chloe was gay. She was here to get a tattoo design drawn by her girlfriend, after all. Still, they did seem very familiar with each other.

“Thanks for doing this.” Chloe smiled brilliantly up at him. “I really appreciate it.”

“No problem.” His voice went like an intimate caress down my spine, even if it hadn’t even been directed at me. It was deep, masculine. “Come in.” He stepped out of the way and Chloe didn’t hesitate in brushing past him on her way in.

I followed her more slowly. I couldn’t help but look up at the bloke—Silver?—when I walked past him, and our eyes locked. He smiled, showing off straight, white teeth, and I felt like I might just melt into a pile of goo right there at his feet.

“I brought some moral support. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all.” His gaze travelled down my body, then up, until our eyes locked again. If that wasn’t a show of blatant interest, I didn’t know what was.

He turned to close and lock the door again and I couldn’t help but take in his strong, wide back and tight arse.

I hadn’t been this instantly taken by someone at first sight in… well, ever. And certainly never with someone who expressed a clear interest back. It was exhilarating. Too bad Chloe was there. Or maybe it was a good thing; her presence stopped me from jumping him and ripping his clothes off right then and there.

“Everything’s ready.” He turned away from me to face Chloe. “Just sit down, take off your blouse, and let’s get started.”

Chloe didn’t waste any time doing as she was told. After throwing her blouse over the reception desk, she pulled her long, black hair into a ponytail then went further into the studio to sit down in the big, black leather-upholstered chair.

Silver walked past me, his arm brushing against my side lightly. I wasn’t sure if it was accidental or on purpose, but either way, I liked it.

He sat down on a stool, blocking my view of Chloe. I didn’t mind, because I had a perfect view of his splendid backside. Suddenly, going with Chloe to get a tattoo had turned from a prospect of utter boredom to sporting a semi-boner. But with this kind of eye-candy to admire, who could blame me?

“Go look at yourself in the mirror. If you don’t like the placement, now’s the time to shout out. There’ll be no way back otherwise.” He swivelled around on his chair, startling me as I was suddenly faced with his front.

I saw Chloe get up off the chair from the corner of my eye, but otherwise my attention was all on the bloke in front of me.

“Do you have any tattoos?” His voice was low and his head tilted curiously to the side.

“No. I don’t.”

“He wants one,” Chloe helpfully shot in. “He just doesn’t know what and where.”

Thrilling goosebumps erupted down my spine as he took me in from top to bottom again. That look was so intense. It was almost like I could feel it against me. “I’ve got some suggestions as to placement.”

Oh, blimey. I drew my lower lip in between my teeth and bit down on it. I was getting so hard. From nothing but his appearance and the look he was giving me. It shouldn’t be allowed, or even possible, but it was. My dick was swelling behind my fly, and I thanked a god I didn’t even believe in that my jeans were so tight that they kept it firmly in place.

“It looks great, Silver.” Chloe dropped back down on the chair. “Do your magic.”


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