Northern Skies

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Varg dropped his entire life in Oslo. He moved to Svalbard so he could be with the man he fell in love with on his three-week holiday. Now, nine months later, things could be going a lot better. Jonathan and he are constantly fighting, Varg’s small social circle is always busy, and he’s lonely. He misses Oslo and the life he had there.

Jonathan knows he’s losing Varg; he’s at his wits end. But if he doesn’t do something—big and soon—he fears Varg will leave him to go back to the life he enjoyed.

Christmas is nearly upon them and the pair venture back to Oslo to celebrate with Varg’s family. Varg is faced with everything Svalbard can’t give him. Jonathan feels they’re more distant than ever.

Then Jonathan figures out what he can do. It’s too big and he’s too late, but he hopes it’ll be enough.

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Published: 10/30/2015
Publisher: Arctic Circle Press

“Fuck off, Jonathan!”

The door rattled on its hinges as I slammed it shut with all my force. It wasn’t necessary to abuse the poor door, it hadn’t done anything to me, but it sure felt good to get my frustration out on something.

The cold hit me and fuelled my anger, so I had cause to abuse it. A little bit, anyway. Bloody cold.

Andreas stood by the bottom of the stairs. His eyebrows were raised. “You two fighting again?”

I huffed in exasperation. “He’s just so—” I clenched my teeth, looking for the right word. “Just so damn—argh!” Safe to say, I didn’t find it.

Wanting nothing more than to get away from our home, I brushed past Andreas who turned to follow me. “What is it you’re fighting about this time?” Snow crunched under my feet. Bloody snow.


I turned my face up towards the twilit sky with a sigh. “It’s so stupid. It shouldn’t even bother me, but it does.” I knew, rationally, that I was over-reacting. Still, he’d made a promise and now he’d gone back on it. No dinner out. It wasn’t like it was the end of the world, but—I’d given up my life back in Oslo for him, only for us to hardly spend any time together lately. “That git.”

“Hey, lighten up.” He elbowed me in the side. The thick jacket I wore buffered me so I hardly felt it.

“So what’s the occasion?” I decided to let my issues stew at the back of my mind and focus on Andreas for now. It wasn’t often we saw each other lately, either.

“What?” His eyes narrowed in confusion.

“Why’re you asking me out? It’s rare nowadays.” We headed down the road, past all the brightly coloured houses lining each side. Can’t they keep to one colour? It’s like all the houses in town are trying to resemble a rainbow.

“I know I’m busy, but you’re still my best mate. I got to take time for you when I’ve got the chance.”

“How sweet of you.” It came out a smudge sarcastic, but I swear I wasn’t. It really was sweet of him to think of me in his busy schedule. I wasn’t quite clear on what Andreas did—but it kept him away from Longyearbyen for days or weeks at a time doing some research or whatever on something. He was a busy bloke.

And I was a lonely one.

“Let’s go have a drink.” I could definitely use one.

“Isn’t it a bit early to be drinking?” He eyed me wryly.

“It’s never too early to drink if you’ve got a good reason to.” I waved my hand dismissively.


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