The Huntress

Part of the Legend & Lore series:
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Liv ran away from her privileged life as a princess to find her own destiny. On her journey she meets a woman like no one she’s ever seen before – and by journeying with her Liv will finally discover her own place in the world, like she’s been longing to find out for so long.

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Published: 04/14/2015
Publisher: Arctic Circle Press

The inn fell silent around her, bringing Liv out of her deep reflections. Looking up, she scanned the crowd. Her eyes landed on a woman entering the inn. Everyone was staring at her. She did not look like anyone Liv had ever met—peasant or noble. Her hair was blue-black and braided into at least a hundred thin braids that she kept away from her face by a sash she had bound around her head. As she stepped further into the room, Liv noticed that it was not just the colour that was unfamiliar—tiny beads were braided into it, as were coloured feathers and silk.

She wore a white linen shirt, quite common for peasants, with a black-leather vest laced over the top. A heavy wool cloak fell over her shoulders, thrown back now as she entered the inn, and a sword hung comfortably at her hip. She was tall, taller than Liv, and slender, but it was also obvious by that sinewy body that she was all muscle.


This woman was not a normal commoner. No one Liv had ever met held a candle to the exotic beauty. No woman Liv had ever met would dress herself in breeches like that. The custom for women was skirts, though Liv had to admit that she liked what she saw. She let her eyes travel up and down the woman again as she moved through the room towards the counter.

She was too far away for Liv to hear her voice, but she spoke to the innkeeper and soon seated herself at the last available table in the room. She took off her cloak and threw it across the other chair, and then she leant back and let her eyes roam the room.

Liv could not muster the strength to look away, until those eyes—silver eyes—met hers, she turned away in embarrassment. She felt her cheeks blush and took another spoonful of stew to try to get her thoughts over to something else. She soon found her eyes going back to the black-haired woman, however, watching as she was given her own bowl of stew by one of the maids.

Liv wondered what the woman did for a living. She certainly was not a farmer. That much Liv could tell. The way she carried a sword told Liv the woman was used to its weight there, and she was most likely excellent at using it. Which pointed at a violent way of living.

Liv finished the rest of her stew as she glanced out the window. The sun was slowly sinking, and she had to get moving if she was to find a good place to camp before nightfall.

She put some money on the table and started reaching for her cloak, only to freeze as a scream pierced through the loud noise of the inn. Everything quieted and Liv could swear she could have heard a pin fall in the sudden silence.


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