#BookBirthday: Yesterday’s Tears


Yesterday’s Tears is one years old today! It’ll only be available for a few months, then it’ll be going out of print for the release of the new series.

A Their Circumstances novel

Damian’s world is irrevocably altered the night his aunt and uncle are brought into his A&E, victims of a terrible car accident. Grief-stricken and lost, with nowhere else to turn, he calls Josh—the man he loves, and who left him.

Meanwhile Matt does not know how to live in a world where his parents aren’t, especially when the rest of his family seems capable of handling it while he wants only to hide from the world. His only solace is Adam, whom he wishes was so much more than the man he occasionally has sex with—and who apparently has been keeping a secret that ruins the only comfort Matt had left.

Available from Less Than Three Press.