Something Between us

Between Us, #1

Is there something between us? 

My name is Alexander Eknes—that’s Alex for short—and I am at rock bottom.

I meet Andreas Lister at the lowest point in my life. A single conversation turns into an unexpected night, ending in a weekend spent in his company. I’m hooked on him and there’s no stopping now. And do I even want to stop when being with him feels so good?

It’s more lust than love between us, but love has to start somewhere, right?



Something Between Us kick starts the Between Us series with this 58,000 word novel of steamy, new adult romance. It features a strangers-to-lovers m/m romance with hurt/comfort themes. There’s no cheating, no cliffhangers, and if you like a little bit of angst and lots of family feels, this is definitely the right book for you.

The characters and some part of the novel might be familiar to some. This is because this is a complete rewrite of my old novel, More than Words. Only the first part of that novel is featured in here – and it is so heavily rewritten, I consider it all-new material. If you do recognise some material from the old book, most of this novel is new stuff, hence why I consider this a brand new book. The central love story hasn’t changed much, but everything else pretty much has – hence why I say this is a new novel. If you skip reading this, you miss out on a lot of new and changed information and will be very confused if you read the other books in the series.

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new adult, romance





Alexander 'Alex' Eknes





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  • Is this a new book?

    Yes and no. This started as a reworking of More than Words as I wanted to add Andreas’s point of view. As I was writing, however, things kind of happened and it turned into quite a different book. Alex and Andreas still get together. But everything else has basically changed.

    Hence why it's gotten a brand new title. I wanted to start from scratch and that included letting go of my old titles - even though I was quite attached to them.

  • Do I have to read this book if I’ve already read the old version?

    Yes. While the central love story hasn’t changed all that much, everything else pretty much has. The minor characters have their own things going and a lot has changed with them, plus there are a lot of scenes fleshing the other characters out. So as not to be confused when reading later books, it is best to read this one as new and discard everything you can remember from the old version.

  • How much new content is there?

    A LOT. The story of Alex and Andreas is basically the same - with some changes to timeline and details. The original jumped forward in time a lot, but this one spans across two weeks. There's more scenes with the two of them, more family, more feelings, more foreshadowing of minor characters. 

    My chapter list tells that there is 70% new content. And the old content has been rewritten, so it doesn't read the same as it did in the old book.

  • What kind of things have changed?

    Everything, basically. Not big things like family relationships and all (Kristina and Maria are still Andreas’s sisters and Ben is still his cousin and all that, though some new family has been added), but the relationships between characters have changed in some places.

    The timeline has changed overall—instead of being set in September, it’s now set in January. Some characters have had their ages changed, lots of backstories have been changed, and Andreas has gotten some other family from his mother’s side. (One of those characters will be familiar, which is absolutely a tease! Read and you shall find out.)