Carnal Pleasures


An erotic short story

Tom’s on the mountain, cut off from people except all his straight mates. Masturbating on a mountainside, under the scorching sun, he wishes for a real-life encounter. And then something real happens.

Tom thinks it’s one of his mates messing with him, but the hand working him also feels real good. When he opens his eyes, however, he finds it isn’t one of his mates. It isn’t even human.

And when he’s led inside the mountain, Tom experiences something beyond his wildest dreams and imaginations.

It was warm and sunny outside, the perfect summer day. It didn’t feel so perfect to me at the moment, however, as I stopped to look out over the magnificent landscape spanning out around and below me.

Why had I agreed to go on a bloody camping trip with my mates? On a bloody mountain? I should’ve stayed back home in the city, where I could go out partying and fucking as much as I darn well pleased.
Spending a week in a cabin on a mountain with my straight friends had sounded fun when they’d suggested it. Now, three days after arrival, I was going out of my mind. There was no one to hook up with in my circle of mates, no one to have some innocent fun with. They were either straight blokes or girls. The first had no interest in me, the latter held no interest to me.

I blew out a frustrated breath, then lay down and stretched out on the soft grass covering the mountainside. The sun shone down on me, warming me through my thin white vest and cargo shorts. I’d walked far. I was at least half an hour away from the cabin. Seeing as I couldn’t get laid all the way up on a mountain, I was darn well going to take my right hand to good use. The left one too.

I inched my hand down my chest and over my stomach until I got to the hem of my shorts. I undid the top button, then slid under it. My cock was flaccid, but it stirred as I started rubbing my palm over my tight boxer briefs. I was so darn horny! It had been a week since I'd been laid, and it would be another week until I could get back to the city. I was a healthy young man; I needed to get laid. I needed to come.

When rubbing my cock through my boxers didn’t work, I pushed both shorts and boxers down over my hips so my cock was free. I wrapped my right hand around it, stroking slowly until it was fully erect.

I closed my eyes, imagining a hot, warm mouth around my cock. My hand just wasn’t enough, but maybe if I imagined the last bloke I’d fucked it would get things going. He’d been great at giving head. Imagining wasn’t the same as actually having a mouth sucking my dick, or like having another warm, hard body against me. I’d never liked using only my hand for release.

A prickly feeling overcame me and I opened my eyes. I lifted my head off the ground to look around, but I could only see pine trees, mountains, and the cloudless sky. Still, there was a definite feeling of being watched. And for some reason, that had my cock’s interest. It started to leak pre-come and I stroked faster, chasing my orgasm, all the while wondering which one of my friends had followed me and were now peeping in on me wanking. If said mate was willing to fuck, then maybe I’d actually let it happen, even if it was a friend.

I pushed my vest up to expose my stomach and chest, then closed my eyes as I imagined thrusting into a tight, warm hole. I fingered my nipples while my hips thrust up into my hand. My breath came out in small huffs as I lost myself to the sensations.

The pre-come slicked my hand, making the thrusting go smoother. I braced my feet against the grass and ground up, hard and fast. I pinched my nipples, loving the sensation of pleasure mixed with a tiny dose of pain. I was panting loudly and my balls were tightening. A cry escaped me as I shot my load over my hand and stomach. I continued to buck my hips, milking myself until I was dry and spent. I stretched my feet out and lazily used my index finger to spread my come over my stomach.

The sun seemed to burn against my skin and I kept my eyes closed as I enjoyed the afterglow of orgasm.

When a shadow fell over me, I kept my eyes closed. “Enjoying the show?”

Genre: paranormal erotica

Word count: 5,300

Release date: August 3rd, 2015

Themes: erotica, group sex, interspecies, multiple partners, paranormal.

Price: $0.99

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