TCMeasuredDosesLook at this beauty! I got it in my inbox a few days ago and fell head over heels. The picture, the colours in it … it’s simply wonderful! I requested a picture of stairs or a door, and I got both. I couldn’t be happier; I think this fits the book perfectly.

The book in itself is part of my Their Circumstances series. It’s scheduled for release early next year, on February 26th. I am not writing this series in order, so this is not a sequel to Yesterday’s Tears, the novel coming next month. It’s more of a sequel to Scarred Souls, but with new characters.

This is actually my first m/m/m romance. If you read Scarred Souls, there was a certain redhead in group therapy. His name’s Chad and he’s the main character of this novella. Chad is, like Josh and Damian, a character that has been a part of this series from the very beginning.

Chad is in love with his previous English teacher, whom he also had a brief affair with. Trouble is, his teacher has a boyfriend whom he genuinely loves, and so he leaves Chad. Chad is a very troubled young man through this book, but with the help of two special men, can he break out of the downward spiral his life has become?

I do not have an official blurb yet, but I will share that one too when I get it. I’m really excited about this story, as Chad is a character I really like and one I was desperate to finally get his happy ending. I wrote the entire book back in January, all 32K in one month. I was obsessed, I just had to get Chad through the hell he was suffering and is still suffering through the book.

I am more than happy with the outcome. And the cover … well, just look at it, it speaks for itself!