Behind the Story: Desert Fire

Desert FireFor those of you who have read Desert Fire, the sequel to my first published story Forest of Fenris; I have some trivia to share. When Brand started to nag me for his own story halfway through FoF, he told me his hero would be Kamoor.

Fine, I said. It’s your life. Have it your way.

But as I started writing the story Khatlah happened. They decided they’d be a threesome. I’d never done a threesome before, but if they wanted to be together, then who was I to stop them?

Kamoor was kind of a jerk through the whole story. Brand didn’t much care for him. They just wouldn’t come together. So when I was starting in on the end of the story they promptly told me that this wasn’t working.

No shit, I said. Like I didn’t already know that.

So the story was back to being a twosome. Not between Brand and Kamoor, as was first planned. But between Brand and Khatlah, the character I didn’t see coming until he entered that dungeon.

Legend & Lore #2: Desert Fire

Desert Fire

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Less Than Three Press
ISBN: 9781620041000
Genre: m/m fantasy
Series: Book 2 in the Legend & Lore series
Word count: 20,500
Release Date: January 25, 2012

A Legends & Lore novella

Brand is a man adrift: he is wolf shifter and fire mage, a traitor to his people for saving a friend on whom he turned his back long ago, a friend who no longer has need of him. He has no place to call home, no one to call family or friend, and no idea where he belongs.

With nothing better to do, he decides to seek out the infamous dragons in the firelands, curious to see if their fires will be hot enough to burn a fire witch, to see if perhaps a place that welcomes fire might have a place for him…