When Characters Make It Difficult

I find myself with four characters making life difficult for me. These are characters no one’s met before, but they’re part of my More series. Let’s alphabetise them, so I won’t have to give you any spoilers.

A is the oldest characters, in his mid-to-late thirties. Originally, in the Norwegian series that inspired this, he was straight. Sometime later, when I started the series in English, he was bisexual. He used to have a love interest, but that doesn’t work out anymore. However, there are two that might work. They’re B and C.

B is in his early twenties. He’s in the closet, but he does fancy blokes. He also used to have a love interest–but he’s been scratched. The idea here was that A and B would hook up. The age difference, B being in the closet, and A’s need to help everyone would make for some drama in their lives. Good plan, so far. They do fit together rather nicely.

Then in comes C. He was supposed to be a very minor character, only met briefly in another book. But he could have good chemistry with A. This one’s in his mid-twenties, so still younger than A. This dilemma led me to thinking it could be solved with a triad relationship, and in some parts I feel they do work. In other parts, they do not. B and C doesn’t work as well together as A and B, and A and C does.

And then last night, I started thinking about D. He’s a problem character in that I hadn’t known what to do with him once he’s served his purpose in another book. A sudden idea that popped into my head was that B and D could hook up, I have the entire scenario of how it could happen in my head. Saying more than that would be major spoilers, but that works.

Dilemma is that initially, I wanted A and B to be together. There would’ve been a lot to deal with between them, and a lot of outside forces making some drama for them as well. But if this were to happen, what would happen to C and D? They do not fit together. They haven’t ever met, even.

I have plausible reason for all of these to be coupled up. Question is, who’s going to end up with who? I’m indecisive, the character’s themselves goes back and forth … so I have no idea what to do. Maybe actually writing about it an an entirely too cryptic way will help? I can only hope. 

More Than Anything: The series

MoreThanAnythingMore Than Anything features characters I’ve been writing about since I was sixteen years old. They’ve been with me a long time and they have changed to the unrecognisable since then. The first story was a supernatural/paranormal story written in Norwegian, where the gay characters were secondary to the straight ones.

When I started writing in English, I took many of these characters to use in my series. I moved the setting away from Norway and to an unnamed town in the US. That also meant changing their names from Norwegian to English. That worked well, because while they were still the same characters, they were also different from the ones in the Norwegian paranormal series.

I wrote their stories. Wasn’t happy, rewrote. Rinse, repeat several times. When I now dusted these characters off again recently, I did a complete overhaul on them. Some important plot points are no longer the same. Some couples are no longer the same. I do believe only the two first couples are actually the same, and everyone else has changed partners. In my opinion, it’s turned out for the better.

I also changed the setting back to Norway. This meant, I gave the original characters back their previous name, and renamed the newer characters. This means I now have two characters named Jørgen (in More Than Anything and the Arctic Love series) and two characters named Andreas (Jørgen’s cousin in More Than Anything and in the Arctic Love series).

Thing is, these characters were supposed to be retired. They weren’t supposed to see the light of day. Then they made a come-back, with brand new stories to tell, and well … they’re revived. And it’s their names, they can’t be changed. So yeah, I have two characters with that share a name with two others. But they’re all so different from their namesake that I’m sure it’ll be alright. Also, their last names are different, and that counts, right?