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Measured Doses: The Blurb

measureddosesThe blurb for Measured Doses is in, and since it’s Tuesday, I thought it would be perfect to share it! Wouldn’t want to wait until next Tuesday, right? I thought not. So without further ado, the official blurb:

After his father beats him, Chad escapes to the only safe haven he can think: his former teacher, Dion. But when he arrives at Dion’s door, it’s opened by a stranger—who promptly finds himself catching an unconscious man.

Unable to turn away the broken, battered Chad, Jeremy takes him in and tends his wounds, even if he would much rather have nothing to do with the student that his ex, Dion, cheated on him with …

This book is an all male menage. My first ever, actually. That’s quite exciting! This story turned out quite different than what I imagined it would years ago, but I like this new story a heck of a lot better than that old idea. But that story will be told another day, closer to the release date, which is February 26th. Over two and a half months to go! Time flies though, so I’m sure it’ll be sneaking up on me while I’m not noticing.

Yesterday’s Tears: London, UK

yesterdaystearsWhen I first started writing this series, back when it was one huge 130K novel called Scarred Souls, it was set in an unnamed American town. I never went into specifics about it, because I’m not exactly an expert on American geography. When I dusted these characters off and brought them back to life, I decided to set it a bit closer to home. I debated setting it in Norway, but then I’d have to change all the names and I was set on their names, darn it.

So I decided to set the series in one of my favourite cities, London, which I visited for the first time in 2010. See, I went there to visit my cousin, who was studying over there, and I simply fell in love. London is so big, I didn’t see one tenth of what there is to see, but I still love it. I didn’t even go to all the touristy stuff (except Oxford Street, obviously!), yet I still fell head over heels in love. I’m going to live there one day, if I can ever manage it.

The tube was an awesome way to get around quickly, and I was a master at taking it for those ten days. I loved the British way of speaking. The British people are a lot nicer and more forthcoming than Norwegian, and I became nicer while there too. (This changed once I was back in Norway, because let’s face it, Norwegian’s are rude).

I did see the Buckingham Palace and Big Ben. We went to see a musical, though I don’t remember it’s name. Went out to eat most every day. Shopped on Oxford Street and Regent Street. I shopped so much clothes I had to buy a new suitcase. It was a wonderful ten days and I will always remember them. It was my first time vacationing all alone, without family or mates, and it was silly wonderful. I love London. I love the UK. I need to move there.

And that is why the Their Circumstances series is set there.

Yesterday’s Tears will be released on November 20th, from Less Than Three Press.

Yesterday’s Tears: Playlist

yesterdaystearsYesterday’s Tears is a book filled with sadness, as the inciting event is the death of not only one, but two, loved ones. The whole series, in fact, is a sad one as it deals with a lot of heavy issues.

I thus have a playlist particularly for this series. It’s filled with songs that puts me in the right mood to write about deep-lying issues, puts me in a sad mode, or in a hopeful one if that’s what the story needs next. I thought, for this post, I should list some of the songs on my playlist, the ones I feel featured most heavily in the writing of this book.

There were certainly other songs than the ones listed here, but these are some of the ones on my current playlist titled ‘Their Circumstances’. Most songs’ lyrics does not reflect the theme of the book, but the lyrics and/or the melody gets me in the right mood to write this book:

  • 4AM Forever by Lost Prophets.
  • Everything I’m Not by the Veronicas
  • Rooftops by Lost Prophets.
  • The Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin.
  • The River by Bruce Springsteen.
  • Scream by Kill Hannah.
  • Untouched by the Veronicas.
  • What About Now by Chris Daughtry.

I have started making playlist for most stories. This list is for the entire series, but I’ve recently also started one for each book, as I don’t like to listen to all the songs for every story. Some doesn’t fit right, while others fit perfectly.

Yesterday’s Tears will be released on November 20th, from Less Than Three Press.

Yesterday’s Tears: British English


When I started writing Yesterday’s Tears, I was still writing in the American spelling. I wrote the entire book in the American spelling, but as I wrote the next book in the series it changed into the British spelling. Maybe because this series takes place in England? They use British expressions, and I found I really liked using them. So I went back and redid Yesterday’s Tears to match the British spelling as well.

Back when we were taught English in school (from about third grade or so), we were told we were learning the British spelling. It is quite possible, because looking back at old stories I see I have the spelling in correctly. However, I grew up with American soap operas and American films and I hardly watched anything British.

Now though I find I really do like to watch British dramas and films. It all started with Hollyoaks, which I’ve now stopped watching, but I followed their first gay storyline vigorously years ago. I went on to Skins and Doctor Who and Sherlock, and most recently I’ve been watching the reality show Geordie Shore.

After all this, I’ve come to realise I love the British way to speak. I simply love the tone, the expressions, the words they have that doesn’t exist in American. I love the British spelling and I went back to it. Most publishers seems to want American spelling, so I’m going to have to switch back at one time, but for now I’m quite happy writing with the British spelling and using British expressions.

Yesterday’s Tears will be released on November 20th, from Less Than Three Press.

Yesterday’s Tears: The Cover


Yesterday’s Tears will be out in under a month, and as a way of promoting it I thought I was going to do a weekly post about the novel every Tuesday. YT is a book in my Their Circumstances series (preceded by Scarred Souls, Skin Deep, Reunited), and it’s the first novel in the series.

As this is the first post to promote the novel, what’s more appropriate to talk about than the cover, that represent the entire book? I really like the cover, because it has a sort of gloomy, sad feel to it with the darkness at the edges, but it’s also more hopeful by being light in the centre.

The picture is actually one of mine. I took that picture this summer (or was it last summer?) when I was going for a walk. My favourite trail goes above the graveyard closest to my home, and I either go both down and up the graveyard on my trip or I take the long way around and go back up the graveyard to the road.

I don’t know what prompted me to stop and take this picture. I had my new camera with me, so it might’ve been the simple reason that I wanted to try it out yet again. The original picture is very bright and the colours seem kind of flat, but by darkening and using all those wonderful tools that can make an average or dull picture simply amazing.

When I wrote Yesterday’s Tears I knew I wanted this picture on the cover, because this is what the entire novel is about; the death of beloved family members and how to go on now that they don’t exist anymore. It’s an interesting premise, especially as I’ve never experienced anything like it before, and I really hope I’ve been able to do it justice in the novel.

While the picture was provided by me, the entire cover was designed by the lovely Megan Derr. I love it, I really do. The cover is perfect for the story within, and that’s exactly what a cover’s supposed to be.

Yesterday’s Tears will be released on November 20th, from Less Than Three Press.