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Just For Fun: Productivity

ALMidnightSunOnce upon a time I was very productive. I could write a story in no time. Now, I usually struggle to finish something. I really miss the old times when I could knock a story out in fourteen days. As I’ve kept a document on when I started and finished a story, I thought I’d post it. Makes me feel embarassed about my current pace, but oh well.

I wrote the first draft of Polar Nights from January 5th to January 13th, 2009. I was really on a roll with that one. I don’t even know what inspired it, per say, but I think it was a picture or a documentary or something about polar bears. They fascinated me and I wanted to write a story set on Svalbard.

I started Northern Lights, the sequel, on January 13th and ended it on February 5th, 2009. Used a little longer on this one, but still quick when compared to how I write now.

Midnight Sun was not so quick. I started it on February 13th, but had major writer’s block and finished it on May 8th, 2009. I think I was still in my writers block then, because it continues onto the next story in the series.

White Nights, the sequel to Midnight Sun, was started on May 10th, but due to my major writer’s block around that time, I do not have a record of when I finished it. Sometime in July/August/September/October 2009. Very vague, yes.

Northern Skies, the fifth book set on Svalbard, was started on November 3rd and ended it on November 21st, 2009. This is a direct sequel to Polar Nights and Northern Lights, featuring both those couples.

Winter Love‘s first draft was started on December 1st and wrapped up at December 13th, 2009. Here I’m definitely back on a roll.

The first draft of Sakura Kiss was started on December 13th and ended on December 28th, 2009. I was very inspired to give Armas’ his happy ending after the jerk he was in Winter’s Love.

And then Moscow Nights. It was started on December 28th, 2009, and ended … I don’t know. My records end there. I think I wrapped it up in January of 2010, because I can’t remember having writer’s block on it.

Black Sun, the sixth story set on Svalbard, was started in January 2010. I do not have on record when I finished it, but I do think I didn’t use too long on it. It was either finished in January or February.

These books are now divided into my two contemporary series, Arctic Love and Seasonal Love. They used to be called Svalbard Saga and the Related series. Those weren’t really any good series titles, were they? They weren’t at all. So I quite like the new series’ titles.

In fact, Winter Love was connected to Polar Nights in the first drafts. Andreas and Lasse knew each other. That changed when I revised them, or as was the case with Polar Nights, rewrote them. The series are still connected, but that connection won’t be obvious until the fourth Arctic book and the third Seasonal book, where a minor character makes an appearance. That minor character will have his story told in the fourth book in the Seasonal series.

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Memories of a brutal attack have left Armas afraid—of people, of intimacy, of admitting his sexuality. But shortly after arriving in Tokyo on business, he ventures out for a drink … and wakes up in the morning in a strange hotel room after a night he can only vaguely remember, though all his memories are surprisingly sweet. In a panic he flees, determined to leave the whole night behind him and get back to a life that is comfortable, familiar. His plans are ruined when his one night stand proves to be the CEO of the company that has brought him to Tokyo, and a man determined to help Armas overcome the dark in which he’s living.

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