The Curious Case of Wounded Souls

scarred-sunday-200px-2From the moment I started writing the series, book #5 was supposed to be Josh and Damian’s. However, when I started it I didn’t feel it was right, that there wasn’t enough story to cover an entire book. Matt was speaking to me, so I started his book. And then… then I figured Josh and Damian’s story could be part of Matt’s. But after writing 18K of it, along with almost 40K of Matt’s, I realised that there was a story to tell. And that that story had to take place before Matt’s. Over a year before.

So Wounded Souls is back on. It’s back to being book #5, which meant that Matt’s has bumped up to #6 again. It says on the WIP page that it’s a rewrite of Inner Demons and Yesterday’s Tears, but really… It’s more of a redoing. Nothing’s the same. A few scenes will make it in, most likely, but they’ll be changed a lot. Nothing is the same in this new series. That’s why it’s being published as a new series, instead of just taking the place of the old one.

Wounded Souls is Josh’s book. Everything in it will be from Josh’s POV, not dual POVs from both his and Damian’s like in Scarred Souls. It’s going to be dark, a bit creepy, and poor Josh is going to suffer. So is everyone else, really. But what is a book without suffering, right?

I don’t feel I can say much, considering Scarred Souls hasn’t even been released yet. But I’ve been struggling with my writing for months now, so it feels good to finally have a grasp on this one. To be back to writing, even though I really should be studying for my exams.