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August 30, 2016
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August 30, 2016
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Cover reveal: Inked

Souls2InkedSoulsAfter years of neglect by his mum, Kian finally gets a proper family—but surely he can’t be so lucky as to find love too… can he?

With a new family who loves him, it’s too much to hope for to find a boyfriend as well. But that’s what he does when he goes with his best friend as emotional support to get her tattoo. Only she doesn’t need the support, he’s been set up with Silver, the tall, fit tattoo artist!

They quickly end up in bed, and in a relationship, but Silver’s got his own secrets. Secrets related to the big memorial tattoo on his back. But a memorial to what? And when the danger of an HIV infection rears it’s ugly head, can their newfound relationship survive?

Kian doesn’t want to lose Silver over a mistake Kian made before they ever met, but if Silver can’t trust him Kian may have to let him go.

This book has been previously published under the title Inked Souls. The content of the novel has not changed.