• Why do your new books have a new pen name?

    There are two reasons for this. First, I wanted to use my first name instead of having only initials. Now people can call me by my actual name instead of just TT. It just flows better, don’t you think?

    Second, my Goodreads and Amazon pages are a mess. By having a new pen name to put on the books, they will now appear on a new profile that won’t be cluttered with old editions. It’s just to make it simpler for both myself and readers, really.

  • Why are you rewriting your books?

    Because I’m not happy with them. And as I want to continue writing all these characters, and bring in new ones, I have to be happy with my work.

    Besides, my books are old. Some of them written 6-8 years ago and they need a cleanup. While I’m at it I can change what I’m not happy with. I also used to solely focus on the romance before – but now I’m adding more scenes with other characters as well. The characters aren’t just their romance, after all, they do have a life outside with family and friends and I want to explore those relationships as well.

    Also, the minor characters have a life of their own. They are living and experiencing things while the main romance is developing. Their lives haven’t come to a halt until their romance is told, and I want to get details in there about all of this. Sub-plots, if you will.