Favourite reads of 2013

I read about 84 books in 2013 and besides one of the books on this list (and my rereading the Harry Potter series), this year consisted entirely of contemporary fiction. I only read contemporary and I only wrote contemporary. This means that 2013 are hereby known as The Year of Contemporary Fiction. That being said, check out my favourites for the year:

If the Stars Fall by Diane Adams

I’ve enjoyed all the books in the Making of a Man series, and this one was one of the first books I read in 2013. It didn’t disappoint at all. It was darker than the previous ones, and longer, but there was also a lot of light stuff in here. Alex and Jared are such a perfect couple, and they go through a lot, but they come out stronger through it all. Alex and Jared were older here than in earlier books, but it’s so nice to see their path through the years.

Looking forward to more books in this series!

Aaron by JP Barnaby

I had plans on writing a long, proper essay on this books when I finished it, but it all fell of the way-side and now I can’t remember all my good points. Still, this book was a good one. It dealt with something tragic and it dealt with it realistically. It went a but quickly at the end, in my opinion, but that doesn’t detract from the realism of this book.

I know there’s a sequel/spin-off to this story, but that one’s BDSM, which isn’t my favourite thing to read at all. We’ll see if I’ll read it.

Fall Down the Mountain by P.D. Singer

I love the Mountain series! Jake and Kurt are an awesome couple, and I was drawn into their story and their relationship from the start of the very first book. This book didn’t disappoint at all! There were places where I was afraid something unforgivable would happen, but they got through it without it getting as bad as it could’ve done. Kurt’s a bit clueless here, but who could know what was really going on, right?

So looking forward to diving into the next book in the series!

Blue Notes by Shire Anthony

I don’t know much about music, or care, so I wasn’t sure if I would like this series as it focuses heavily on music. Especially classical music. How wrong was I? I ended up not being able to put the book down! Shira Anthony is a great storyteller and my attention was peaked all through the book. The main couple was wonderful, they fit so nicely together. Not to mention the brother! I’m looking forward to his book.

This was a wonderful beginning to a new series.

The Melody Thief by Shira Anthony

This is the second book in the Blue Notes series, and I read it directly after the first one. This one held my attention just as well as the first one. Maybe even more, considering Cary kept his secret through most of the book. I was sitting with the iPad plastered to my face seeing if the secret would come out soon! The two main characters were so clearly right for each other, and even the child was interesting, and I’m not much for children at all.

Wonderful second book, and I will definitely continue reading this series.

Fire Balls by Tara Lain

This was the second book in this series, and though I was a bit on the fence on the first book, this one drew my attention. And it drew my attention in a big way! Rodney was an amazing character and I instantly started rooting for him. He messed up majorly, but he tried to do the best he could. And in the end, a perfect HEA for Rodney, the tiny, flamboyant protagonist who had a black belt in karate and could take down men twice his size.

After this book, I was sold on this series.

Snow Balls by Tara Lain

Tara Lain writes such different characters from what is normally seen in fiction. From Rodney of Fire Balls, the tiny, flamboyant painter with a black belt in karate; to big, buff and flamboyant JJ, who pretends to be macho to catch the interest of his love interest. JJ was so sweet, and he tried his best to be someone he wasn’t, and when it all blew up in his face … well, it was a wonderful read! JJ is definitely my favourite character of this series, besides Rodney, of course.

More in this series, thank you.

Inherit the Sky by Ariel Tachna

A book set on a sheep farm in Australia. The premise was good, so I gave it a try. It was a slow build, which I like, since insta-love is a major turn-off. Even the sheep farming was interesting to read about. Also, the main character stutters, which isn’t normal in fiction, and I think it was dealt with wonderfully. It was so nice to see how Cain grew through his experiences on the farm. Cain and Macklin was a wonderful couple that I want to see more from again!

Wonderful beginning to a new series I will be following.

Among the Living

The only book this year that wasn’t a contemporary. I’ve heard about this series for a while and decided to give it a shot, and I do not regret it! I wasn’t in a paranormal mood when I read this, but that didn’t detract from it at all. The book was wonderfully written and portrayed, and Victor Bayne was such an amazing character. It wasn’t a long book, and I’m looking forward to continuing on to see what will happen to Vic next.

I will be following this series, that’s for sure!

Paris A to Z

I’d had this book on my iPad for a while, before I remembered I actually had it. I had to reread all the other books in the series, since it was such a long time since I’d read them, and once I got to this … wow. Loved it! It was great to see Zach finally dealing with what happened over 10 years ago with Jonathan. It was great to see Matt deal with his jealousy of Cole. Zach’s and Angelo’s relationship is awesome, I admire it. And Jon and Cole themselves, getting married. Such a good story!

I want more books in this series. More, more, more. Let it never end!

Home Again by Cardeno C

I couldn’t put this book down once I started it. It was so interesting. I loved the format, that Noah narrated the present, and Clark the past. I wish we could’ve seen Noah actually coming out to his parents, but that’s the only thing I can comment  on, and it doesn’t retract from the story at all. Wonderful!

I will continue this series, mark my words.

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  1. Aww… thank you SO much for including my classical music men in your list! I’m honored and so pleased you enjoyed them.