Finally finished Freefall

writingOkay, it’s a couple of days ago, but I didn’t have time to blog then. Still, it’s done! It’s been a WIP forever. The first incarnation, then titled Returning Home, was first written in 2008 (I believe…). It was written in 3rd person, POV switched between the two MCs, and it was a bit of a mess. I tried to get it published back then, but it was rejected. Well, I could resubmit if I made David more likeable, but I was kind of done with the story at that point.

So it lay there for a few years. I brought it back to life last year (I think? There might’ve been another rewrite in-between…) and it flowed nicely for two thirds of the way. Got stuck when I had one third of it left though and just couldn’t work through it, so it was put away again. I had the ending plotted out, mind, I just couldn’t write it.

I came back to it this month. Was supposed to get back to it sooner, but Wounded Souls went on longer than scheduled (and then I didn’t like that ending, so that needs to be rewritten…). Anyway, I got back to it, and the scene I’d stopped on was a drag, but then– It flowed. Everything worked. And I finished it. It was done. Finally.

Now, the first two thirds are written a while ago and I think my style of writing has got better since then, so I need to go through those two thirds and fix it up. After that though, it’s going to an editor. Because yes, I’m going to try and self-publish this one. It’ll be my first self-published gay romance title that has some length to it. Up till now I’ve only self-published a lesbian fantasy novella I got the right back on, a non-romance short, and an erotic short. But Freefall is a novella/short novel (depends on final word count after I tighten up the first two thirds), and I have great hopes for it.

I hope people will like it. I do. But then I suppose I’m biased.

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