More3.2NotCloseEnough copyI finished Not Close Enough (More Than Enough 2) yesterday! It ended up a little under the goal of 30K, but it ended in a nice place at 27K. I’m happy with it. This means that in a month, I’ve written almost 60K of Leo and Thomas. It’s been fun, but now I’m ready to move onto a new couple.

Today I’m starting More Than Friends, which will feature Ben. He’s always been in love with BFF Nik, but has been shagging Nik’s brother Tarjei for years. He’s not an easy character, and I hadn’t planned on getting into his head until the last book in the series, but the timeline took on a life of it’s own. So now it’s Ben’s turn.

The next character out, after Ben’s book, will be Glenn. Remember him from More Than Words? Arsehole BFF of Andreas, who’s got a shitload of issues? Yep. He’s going to be a difficult character to get a handle on too–but yesterday I figured it out. At the same time I figured out Ben.

These two couples (not telling who Ben and Glenn will end up with!), will also have at least two novellas each, like Leo and Thomas. Originally, there was going to be an m/f short between their two novellas, and there might still be, I just have to write it.

Right now though, I’m focusing on Ben. I need to get Ben’s story down.

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