Going back and forth in my head

A_glass_of_Water_by_CasslassSo I just typed the end on Lost Souls. Well, not literally. I never end my books with the words the end. But I wrote the last word. Of the epilogue. So it’s done. I’m not quite sure if it’s any good… but it came in at 45K. There will, however, be a sequel. A short story or novella, I’m not sure, but there’s a certain thing that wasn’t touched on much in the book that needs to be addressed at a later date.

Oh well. Not now. Next up in the series is Troubled Souls. Adam’s book. This one’s going to be… hard to write, for sure. Also, completely different from most of my other stuff. I think. I hope. Maybe? I don’t know. Adam’s got some issues. His love interest has got even more. We’ll see. Not sure if I’m going to start this one now or not.

But onwards to the point of this blog post. The thing the title refer to. What’s going around and around in my head? It’s the More series. As I’m reading through More Than Anything, and thinking about where I want to take this series… I find I want to release them in chronological order. This means that More Than Anything and More Than Words have to be split in two, around 50K each. It means they’ll end on a cliffhanger midways (well, MTA will, but not MTW), but the second part will be around quickly to round the books off. Also, it means More Than Words will be released first, since that takes place before MTA.

But what will people think about this? Splitting up two books that were previously released as two long novels? Will people hate it? Will it put people off getting the new versions? Even if I add stuff, as I might do to More Than Words, at least.

See, I want the books in the series to be of equal length, too. For the most part. More Than Enough ended up as two novellas, but now I’m thinking of putting them together. That will leave them somewhere in the 50K range. More Than Friends also ended up around 50K. So splitting MTA and MTW will leave four parts of 50K as well.

I’m really not sure about this. I keep going back and forth. Yay or nay? Thinking, thinking, thinking.

If I do this, the books will be released as such: More Than Words 1, More Than Anything 1, More Than Words 2, More Than Anything 2, More Than Enough, More Than Friends. Speaking of, the latter two will both have sequels too. After More Than Life, which is the next book I’m going to write in the series. This is a book I’m looking forward to. It’s Glenn’s book. I’ve got so many ideas, so many scenarios in my head.

So anyway. I’m still not sure. Release MTA and MTW as the long novels they are now? Or split them, so they’ll be equal length with the other books in the series? Split them so I can release them chronologically according to the timeline of the series?

I’m leaning towards the latter right now. Last night and earlier today I was leaning towards the former. We’ll see. Please feel free to add your own thoughts to this! I could need some advice.

Also something I need advice on… Keep this as one series (under the More label?), or give each couple their own series? As in MTA 1 and MTW 1 and on and on… I’m indecisive. Confused. Have no idea what I want to do. What’ll be best to do.

Like Matt, I feel lost right now. But then we’re a lot alike, so that’s no surprise.

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