I’m (sort of) back – but where have I been?

I’ve been off the internet for how long now? One month? Two? A long time, anyway. I won’t say I’m back, not completely, but I’m edging back into everything slowly. The last few months have been rough, and sometime in December (or end of November?) I gave up everything and fell off the face of the earth.

So yeah. It’s been rough. I haven’t really been doing anything, though, but I feel better. A little bit better, anyway. Getting there, at least. I’m not going to jump back into anything (like the obsession I had with Twitter and GoodReads), but I might check stuff out occasionally. Edging back: better than jumping head first, that never ends well for me.

Writing… I haven’t written a word in a long time. I started a Christmas story I wanted to upload here as a free read. I wanted to finish both Wounded Souls and Lost Souls before the end of the year. Didn’t happen. Nothing at all has happened in this part of my life. I hope it comes back, the need and the want and the motivation to write, but… I have another semester of college left and it is stressing me out mentally, even though I haven’t actually got anything to stress about yet.

I’ll see what happens. I do my edits, even if I’m not writing anything new. 2015 is going to be a good year for publishing, it’s all scheduled with novellas/novels I wrote in 2014. So it’s not like I’m in any hurry to get something new out. I’ve got plenty. So I’m taking it all slow, letting all come back by itself instead of forcing it.

For now I’m not freaking out about not being able to write. It’ll come back eventually, it always does. Until then… I’m just going to relax. Figure out my studies. One last semester, then I’ve got a bachelor’s degree in the box. I can do it. Surely? I’ll try anyway.

And if I want to write again… nothing will be better than that.

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