I’ve got some rights back

kmam2-boyfriendAs of today, Forest of Fenris and How About a Boyfriend? are no longer for sale. Out of print. This means I’ve got the rights back to them, and… now what? They’re old stories, written way back in 2011 and 2012. I dread opening the documents to read through both stories!

But I shall. Once my work-weekend is over. I want to republish them myself, so I have to see if they’re good as they are or if I need to change stuff or rewrite them all together.

forestoffenrisI do have plans for Forest of Fenris. I want to rewrite it The Huntress too, as well as Desert Fire. But I have to wait till I get my rights back to Desert Fire first… So, until then, I thought perhaps I should just republish it as it is. Once I’ve got all the rights back I’ll pull them all and redo them, then republish them again.

As for Boyfriend?… I’m considering rewriting it into first person POV, but we’ll see what I feel after I’ve read through it. Maybe it’s good as it is. I don’t know. I haven’t so much as glanced at that story since it was published.

It’s very exciting, though, to get he rights back! Now I can make my own covers. I now have full control and can do whatever I please with them. Exciting, indeed!

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