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August 26, 2016
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Lots going on!

And when I say lots, I mean lots.

First of all, I finished NORTHERN LIGHTS. It came in at a little past 50,000 words, so I’m happy. I reckon 30K of those are all new words – not rewritten from the old, original version.

That said, I’ve made some decisions about this series. I tried to start Polar Nights, but I didn’t feel it. I had so many plans, so many stories in my head… but the only couple that manages to keep my interest is Varg and Jonathan. So I’ve decided to skip the other couples for now (maybe I’ll write shorts and novellas for them, but no novels) and focus this series entirely on Varg and Jonathan. Of course, the other people will serve as subplots, because stuff does happen between them as well.

So next up for me is NORTHERN NIGHTS (a novelisation of Northern Skies and Black Sun, with new stuff added to it). It’s also going to be a novel. I love Varg and Jonathan, I could write them forever.

Another major thing that’s happened is that the SCARRED SOULS series is getting new covers. I liked the old ones, I did, but they weren’t to market. And in these times, if I want to be successful at this, I need covers that are to market. The series itself isn’t quite to market, it’s a little too dark, but it does end on a HFN for all couples. So it’s romance – but darker romance. And I hope, with these awesome new covers, the series will sell better. It’s a good series, after all.

I also want to change the covers for the MORE UNIVERSE, but inspiration hasn’t struck yet. I might hire someone to do that for me, but I do want to keep certain stock photos (as they are the characters, in my mind, now). I also need a new series title, methinks, because if you want these books and only search for More series you gets so many results–and my series isn’t even close to the top.

So yeah. News all around!

I’ve also decided to change my release schedule up a little: two times a month for the rest of this year, as opposed to a release every single Friday. This is because I’m focusing on novels–and I reckon I won’t publish any new short stories for sale. The short stories will be available either here on the website or the series’ website for people to read for free. So they’ll likely be unpublished soon–at least by the time the new covers start to roll out.

Look forward to cover reveals! They should happen very, very soon!

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  1. Himi (@greighish) says:

    Aww, I’m going to miss the More covers; I’m really quite fond them. I like the Arctic Love guy with the hood, too. I realize I’m in the minority, but half naked guys on a cover tend to lower my expectations, particularly for new-to-me authors. But since 80% of what I read is M/M, I’ve been slowly making my peace with it.

    As for Scarred Souls, stripping away the color overlays and the title/font, I like the feeling of anguish and isolation the core images project, so I hope the new covers can preserve that atmosphere.