Lots of preorders!

MoreThanWords1There are exciting times now! I’ve got no more than five preorders going, and a rerelease out. Lets start with the first three preorders, as they’re the most exciting.

MORE THAN WORDS is due out on June 15th. It’s the rerelease of the book with the same name, except it’s been split into two books now with some added words. Nothing has changed in the book, some things have just been fleshed out.

MORE THAN ANYTHING is due out on June 30th. It’s also a rerelease of the book with the same name, and has also been split into two. It has a couple thousand words added to it to flesh things out, but nothing has changed.

LOUDER THAN WORDS is due out July 15th. It’s the second part of the previous version of MTW, except this one has about 20K added to it to flesh out some of the months before school ends. Nothing else changes, just the first 1/3 of the books is new content. The end and what happens during the summer stayed the same.

Then I’ve rereleased my LEGEND AND LORE fantasy novellas under a different pen name.

FENRIS FOREST (slight title change from Forest of Fenris) is out now.

THE HUNTRESS is on preorder, due out June 7th.

DESERT FIRE is also on preorder, due for release on June 8th.

I put these under a different pen name because they’re so different from my other books. Not just the fact that they’re fantasy, but also because they can be read by a younger readership than my contemporary books. I don’t know if I’m going to write more in this series, or any other fantasy, but these were the first stories of mine that were published and I’m proud of them.

Nothing has changed in them, except chapter headings. IN FF anyway. All’s the same, so if you’ve read the original version published through the publisher, you don’t need to read these.

LLFenrisForest LLTheHuntress LLDesertFire

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