Making business decisions

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September 7, 2016
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Making business decisions

I want to make a business out of my books. I want to be able to live off of this in the long run, and that’s always been my goal to achieve. I want this, I’m ready for it, it’s my passion.

Baby steps

The first step I took was to go completely indie with my books. And I’ve been re-releasing and releasing a few new books since June. I re-released MORE THAN WORDS – and split it up into two parts, each 55K, to be more consistent with the rest of the books in the series that are around 50K+ in length. I did the same with MORE THAN ANYTHING. Then I released a new book, MORE THAN ENOUGH in the same series.

I re-released SCARRED SOULS, INKED SOULS, and released BROKEN SOULS. Then another new release, MORE THAN THIS, my first MF novella (and likely to stay my only for a long time).

I released some of these books in paperbacks. I was happy with my covers that I’d made myself. I did okay. I was happy. But…

Making mistakes

I’ve done mistakes. And I’m the process of fixing them now. My first mistake, obviously, were my covers. While I love them, they’re not like every other cover, they’re a little special… but they’re not to market. They don’t help my books sell. So… I got new covers for the SCARRED SOULS series, and in the process I altered the titles so they’d be a little more distinguished from the series name. The books are now: SCARRED, INKED, and BROKEN.

Next up, I needed new covers for my other series. I hired those out, as I couldn’t figure out what to do about them. I was too attached to my own designs. But, I wanted to keep my cover models, and since I purchased those from a stock site, that was okay. I also altered the series name a little, from simply MORE to SOMETHING MORE. That should make it a little more searchable. And the covers are in process and I’ll reveal those I’ve got soon.

Then there was the little niggle of direct sequels, as someone so kindly pointed out to me. I should combine the books (this was about BROKEN and the sequel, but it works for MORE THAN ANYTHING too). And yes, I see the point. Better to have a book that ends happily than one that ends on a cliffhanger. Readers don’t like those, after all. So I’m going to combine those books with their sequels. MORE THAN ANYTHING will be whole again (it was my bestselling book at the publisher!). And today’s new release, Tangled, will be unpublished after the weekend to become the second part of BROKEN.

Also, my books doesn’t end happily enough. I’ve seen reviews mentioning it several times, and since people comment on it… it must be true? I’ve never been fond of a HEA, because I’d like the chance to visit my characters again down the road. No one knows what life will throw at us, after all. But to make my books end on a bit of a happier note, I’ve also decided to write a few sequels. MORE THAN WORDS, LOUDER THAN WORDS, and MORE THAN ENOUGH are first on my list. Perhaps MORE THAN THIS and the upcoming MORE THAN FRIENDS. Nothing for the SS series so far, as that’s a little darker. It ends on hopeful notes – and I’d like to keep them that way.

I hope these changes won’t put readers off though. I don’t mean to be confusing! I’m just living and learning in this massive sea of self-publishing. And as I’m now completely indie, I can make these changes. I can fix my mistakes and learn from them and do better next time.

What next then?

I’m getting new covers for all my novels and they’re to be rolled out in due fashion. All new covers will be to market. I’m trying to market as best I can.

Also, my newest series are more to market than my SCARRED SOULS series. Maybe even more than my SOMETHING MORE series. It’ll be a trilogy, a good length, but not overly much. I will write more in the SM series, publish the last two SS books I’ve got written, and go all out on the NORTHERN TRILOGY. Those three books are going to be a success – I have to make them a success to be able to continue doing this.

It’s my dream job and I’m this close to achieving it. I want to achieve it by the end of the year. That’s my goal. Is it set too high? Maybe. But I won’t know unless I try. And I’ll begin by implementing the changes to the mistakes I’ve listed above.