My goals for May


  1. Finish Troubled Souls (maybe rename to Mixed Souls?) This was put on hiatus, will wait until I write the other books so it’ll fit with the chronology
  2. Start the rewrite of Skin Deep (now titled Inked Souls)
    1. finish it? 35K! Over twice the length of the short story!
    2. write blog posts about it Started, but didn’t finish every post I’d planned
  3. Finish More Than Anything edits
  4. Write blog posts for More Than Anything and Scarred Souls (to be used on blog tours/guest posts upon release) Started on this, but didn’t finish it
  5. Update the blog more often I think I accomplished this this month too, at least in comparison to the other months.
  6. Write at least 30K 58K! Can’t be unhappy about that number!
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