I have set myself a deadline January 16th to finish Returning Home, which has now been renamed as Hometown (thanks so much to Terry Milien for the suggestion!). Considering my original goal was 40K, but I’m now thinking it’ll be only around 30K, this should be doable. It also works out with my 1,000 words a day for the entire year resolution, as I’m already halfway into the book.


I would like to continue on my apocalyptic novel Apocalypse. I have about 25K-30K of it already written, and thus have over halfway to go on it. The words already written will need some major editing, as they’re getting a bit old now, but at least they’ve been written down. Now that I have actually figured out how to set the novel up, I’m eager to finally finish it. It’s a bit different than anything else I’ve written, as to the format of the POV’s and such, as well as it being a book about angels. I’m all kinds of excited for it, and this year will be the year I finally do finish it.


I would also like to start plotting for a new fantasy story (or possibly series) I want to write. I haven’t got a big grasp on it yet, but I’m hopeful it’ll come to me during the month.