More Than Anything: How the Story Began

Photo-3I started writing More Than Anything back in March of 2013. I wrote part of the first chapter before the Big Writer’s Block happened and I started working and being sociable. In shorter words; before I went AWOL all summer. I wrote half the first chapter at that time, and this was when the story was supposed to be told from only Jørgen’s POV.

After the four+ months I was AWOL, the characters started coming back to me. They revealed the fact that this couldn’t be told from only Jørgen’s POV, because Geir had a lot of story to tell as well. This is when I decided to switch POV every 10K. I divided the 10Ks into two chapter of 5K, to break it up. This is still the same, but now every 10K section is also a part. Jørgen’s first two chapters are part one, Geir’s next two chapters are part two, etc.

The story unfolded before me. I’ve known these character for so many years, and I know their stories. Still, some things have changed in this new version and I am happy about it. It makes the story better and more realistic, in my opinion. For instance, in the original almost all secondary characters were either gay or bisexual. I think I only had one straight couple, and the girlfriend went lesbian after a while, while the boyfriend hooked up with another girl. Where’s the realism in that?

Photo-4The characters changed and evolved in my head. They’re living in a small town, so now most secondary character are actually straight.  It wasn’t hard to change this, it happened naturally. They haven’t come into play much yet at this point in the story, because Jørgen is a recluse and Geir doesn’t have any friends, but they’ll play a bigger part once the second arc starts.

Chapters 1-8 make up most of the first arc. This arc moves extremely slow, as Jørgen and Geir get to know each other. The writing went smoothly, because the scenes were laid out there and all I had to do was write them down. And all they have to do is contribute to the dialogue. They don’t jump right into bed, and they won’t, because their issues are so much greater than that and they need to work them out before their relationship can even think about progress.

The first arc is, for me, about them discovering that they can have happiness and they can have love and a relationship. They don’t quite know how to go about it, especially not with all the issues in the way. But they’re young and they’re trying their best. They’re taking it slow. As they should. 

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