More Than Anything: Ninety-Seven Days of Love

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October 20, 2014
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October 30, 2014
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More Than Anything: Ninety-Seven Days of Love

MTA_Part7These chapters were extremely easy to write. They flowed so nicely, which is why I wrote 4 chapters before writing another blog post about them. The first two chapters were from Jørgen’s POV, and they headed off in a direction that was not planned at all, but that actually worked great with the story and him as a character. It shows how deep down in that black hole he is, and what the consequences is for doing something that he hadn’t really meant to do.

Jørgen’s closest family is introduced, and Jørgen grows close with someone else. They have a lot of things MTA_Part8in common, and Jørgen finally manages to open up a bit more than he has so far in the story.

The last two chapters are from Geir’s POV. He got some bad news again, and it once again drives a wedge between him and his dad. His chapters went basically as planned, and they came just as easily as Jørgen’s chapters did.

I think I wrote these four chapters in the time-span of about a week or so. With chapter sixteen finished, there’s only four more chapters left, before the novel wraps up.