More Than Friends

MoreThanFriends1Ben’s always been in love with his best friend Nik, but has ever since his sixteenth birthday been shagging Nik’s brother Tarjei in secret. Except everyone seems to know that secret but Nik, and it’s not something Ben is willing to tell him. He wants Nik—not Tarjei. So why can’t he stop ending up in Tarjei’s bed?

Tarjei’s tired of being his brother’s substitute, but he’s been in love with Ben for years and it’s hard to say no. In fact, it’s damn near impossible to say no. But Ben’s not ever going to go for him, because Tarjei has nothing on his brother. Tarjei has to find a way to say no—to put a stop to it all, before he breaks his heart completely.

Keywords: bisexuality, depression, family, homosexuality, mental illness, self-destructive behaviour, realistic

  • Started writing on April 10th, 2016.
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