Monday More

Chapter 7 didn’t happen. It had an outline, but it just didn’t work, so I skipped it altogether for the moment. I left the little bit I had written in the chapter, but as of now this one will probably be skipped.

Chapter 8 and 9 belong together, and once again I took from my own holiday experiences and added them in the chapter. This one is a lot more interesting than the last one, because this is a trip with the lads, not the family, as the first holiday chapter was. A lot of shit goes down in these two chapters, and it will be expanded upon later in the story as well.

Also, short freebies! Because something happens with a minor character that won’t be directly shown in the main novel, because there’ll be another time-jump after these chapters. So then I’ll write shorts to expand on the minor characters. This book is Alex’ story, after all, his love story with Andreas, and it doesn’t have space for Andreas’ mates and their personal drama.