Once we were in his flat, I was struggling to get my high heels off. I couldn’t very well bend over, because I was afraid of loosing my balance, but lifting one foot up also posed that problem. Jo was laughing at me, but he bent down to undo the clash around my ankle. He took of one shoe, then the other, and both times he let his hands stroke up my legs. Thank god I’d shaved properly that morning.

“I’m dripping your come,” was what came out of my mouth though and I closed my eyes in mortification.

He laughed again, then stood up and hugged me close. “Come on, let’s get some water in you.”

I trailed after him into the kitchen, where he filled up a big beer glass with tap water for me. I drank greedily from it. I’d definitely had too much to drink.

“Do you want to take a shower?”

“No.” All I wanted was him close to me again. Kissing me, touching me, fucking me. I’d take only one of them, I wasn’t big on it. But I did manage to keep my mouth shut this time though, so I didn’t make a blabbering fool out of myself.

“Let’s go to bed then.”

Now that I liked the sound of. I took the water with me into his bedroom, where he instantly started to unbutton his shirt. I watched in fascination as his chest, wide and flat and smattered with hair, was revealed. Next came his broad shoulders, then his arms, one of which was covered in a tattoo sleeve. His stomach, also flat and with a treasure trail leading straight down into the low-hanging jeans.

“Alcohol’s catching up to you, love. Water will hopefully make you less hung-over tomorrow, but sleep help as well.”

He only wanted to sleep? I was taken aback by that, but I’d least I’d get to sleep in his bed. He had a guest room, he could’ve told me to go sleep there if he hadn’t wanted me in his bed. So I shimmied out of my dress, leaving my bra and panties on, even if the latter was wet from our previous encounter. I slid into one side of the bed and watched as he pulled his jeans off. He was left standing there in only his tight-fitting boxers, which outlined his flaccid cock.

He went to shut the bedroom door, then he slid in next to me. In fact, he slid over to me and wrapped his arm around my waist.

I turned onto my side, so he could press up against my back. The hair on his chest and his legs tickled me slightly for a moment as we settled in together. His cock was nestled against my bum and it was hardening up by the second. Oh yeah, he so wanted me. I reached me to run my hand over his underwear, feeling his cock up.

“Christina,” he groaned against my neck. “Weren’t we suppose to sleep?”

“Sleep can wait.” I wanted him so badly. I’d had him once, but that hadn’t been enough. That had been in the toilet of a club, with people on the other side of the door knowing exactly what had been going on. We were in a bed now, his bed, and I wanted him fully.

I reached my hand up further between us, until it was at a severely awkward angle. I did manage to open my bra though, which had been my goal. He didn’t let me go, but I did manage to get rid of it. I threw it away, not caring where it landed as I turned onto my back. His face was so close to me now and I pulled my wet panties down as well, kicking them off my legs once they reached my ankles.

“Jo,” I moaned, leaning in to kiss him.

His fingers ran over my stomach, all feather-light, then down to my fanny. He pushed two fingers inside. It felt good, but it wasn’t enough.

“You,” I muttered against his lips. “I want you inside me. I’m all loose from before, it’s not like you’re going to hurt me.”

He chuckled, but did as I demanded. His boxers were gone in an instant and he was lying down in-between my thighs. I hiked my legs further up to hook them over his waist. His cock slid right into me, rubbing right up against the goo spot.

He hooked his arms under my shoulders and I wrapped mine around his. We were both naked now and lying down, so different from earlier. Earlier had been quick and rough and just needing to get off, while this … this was slower, more intimate, though we were both still working towards getting off.

I was moaning louder now than I had in that toilet, because here no one was around to hear us. His thrust was so deep and so accurate, and I knew I was already close to coming again. Alcohol always made me come faster than I would normally do, but I also knew it was because of him. Because I finally had him. How many years hadn’t I dreamed of this?

“Oh, Jo, yeah, right there.” Yes, yes, yes. I was coming with a loud moan. My back arched off the bed, pressing my breasts against his chest.

His hands grabbed at me, sliding over my skin, which was slick with sweat. He was too though, so we were on the same page. His thrust stuttered to a halt, then started up again for a couple of short, jabbing thrust in which he came inside me for the second time that night.

He collapsed at my side and I curled up against him. I really should go to the toilet, to reduce the risk of a UTI, since those were not fun to deal with, but this was too good to pass up. His arm curled around me.

“Should we talk about this?” I didn’t want to break the good, post-orgasmic bliss I was in, but I couldn’t stop myself from asking it either.

“Let’s go to sleep. It’s been a long night. I’m tired. We can talk in the morning, if you want.”

I nodded and buried down against him. I slid my leg over his thighs, tangling our legs. Lying there, completely sated and happy, enjoying the feeling of Jo’s big, strong body next to me, I fell asleep.

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