Anything For Him

More Than Anything #1.5

I came home from a long shift to find the flat smelling deliciously of baked goods. Christmas music was playing softly, and Geir’s laughter could be heard from the kitchen.

I deposited my boots and jacket, then went into the flat proper. Geir was at the kitchen table along with his mate Nik, and they were both bent over, busy with something. I went around to the counter wouldn’t block my view and saw they were both cutting out shapes in a rolled out ginger nut dough. They’d already been hard at work, as evidenced by the ones cooling on the counter.

Geir straightened up and turned on his chair, smiling widely at me. “Hey.”

“Hey.” I smiled back, his grin so infectious I couldn’t help it, no matter how exhausted I was. But from now on, I was on holiday.

“How was your last shift?”

“We managed to finish.” I went over to him, put my hands on his shoulders. I’d been working on the electrical system in a supermarket for the past weeks, along with several of my colleagues. The supermarket had expanded, so the electrical system had to be as well. The plan had been for everything to be done for Christmas—and the electrical system had been in place for that, at least. As for the rest of the shop… that wasn’t my problem.

“Hi, Jørgen.” Nik smiled at me too, cheerful as always. Not quite as colourful as always though. He tended to wear vests with a saying or crude writing on them, but today’s was a plain black. Maybe because they were baking, since they both had flour on them, as well as the table in front of them.

I nodded in greeting, then looked down at Geir again. His green eyes were practically sparkling. He was having fun. “I’m taking a shower.” I squeezed his shoulder. It was as far as I would ever go in front of anyone else, even someone as out and proud as Nikolai.

I left them to their baking and jumped in the shower. I was sweaty and grimy and  dusty—the shop wasn’t exactly the cleanest down in the basement.

First when I’d finished and emerged fresh and dressed did something occur to me. “Where’s Nero?” He usually came to greet me the minute I was in the door.

“Uhh…” Geir looked faintly guilty, then his gaze fell to the table.

I blinked, not comprehending, and then I spotted a tail protruding from under said table. “Are you feeding him dough?”

“He likes it.” Geir grinned now. “Can’t get enough, really. And even if we try to stop, he gets this real tortured look on his face.”

“Yeah, I bet he’s tortured, all right.” Nik bent down to peer under the table and Nero’s black snout pushed forward to butt against his knee.

I left the dog to his begging and all but collapsed on the sofa. I liked my job, but the stress of getting ready for the holidays made me glad that I now was on my holiday. I’d taken the entirety of Boxing Week off, so no more work for me until the New Year.

If we weren’t going up on the mountain to spend Christmas with Geir’s family at their cabin, everything would’ve been great. I’d rather spend time on our here at our flat, but family had other expectations, and all we could do was follow along.

I didn’t mind that much, because at least I got to finally spend Christmas with Geir, but all those people… Yeah, it wasn’t going to be the best of Christmases. Or maybe it was, simply because he was there with me. I certainly hadn’t had many good Christmases in my life. Usually I avoided everything and everyone.

I must’ve dosed off, because next I knew the door slammed, a tongue licked me across the face and Geir’s laughter washed over me. I inched my eyes open to find Nero nose to nose with me. Geir was standing in front of me, grinning down at me.

Pushing Nero away, I leaned forward to wrap my arms around Geir, pulling him down on the sofa with me.

He folded against me, lips brushing my cheek. “If you’re tired, you should go to bed.” His arm snaked behind my shoulders, fingers playing with the hair in the nape of my neck. “Have you eaten?”

“Had some sandwiches earlier.” I put my head on his shoulder, arms still wrapped tight around his waist.

“That’s not a proper dinner. I put leftovers to cool in the fridge for you. I could heat it up.”

Just the thought of eating dinner had me more exhausted than I already was. “I’d rather just stay like this.” My eyes had fallen shut.

“Bed, then.” He poked me good-maturely until I let him go, then he stood up. “Come on, I’ll cuddle with you till you fall asleep. Though I don’t think that’s going to take very long.”

I took his hands and let him lead me into the bedroom. Getting up at the crack of dawn this morning—no, scratch that, it had still been as dark as night—and working for over twelve hours straight to get the shop ready had me more than ready for bed. I couldn’t even be arsed brushing my teeth. I just pulled off my clothes, except boxers and tee, and crawled under the duvet.

“Sleep tight. You’re the one who has to do all the driving tomorrow.” The mattress dipped as he sat down next to me. His leaned against my shoulder, propping his chin on the back of his hand as he looked down at me.

“Come here.” I rolled over and held the duvet up, inviting him in.

He grinned, then slipped under to rest with his back against my chest. I wrapped my arm around his waist, holding him tight, and tucked my face against the back of his neck. I heard the click of claws moment before the mattress tipped again, and then Nero curled up behind my back.

Geir put his hand on mine, thumb rubbing over my knuckles. “I’m looking forward to finally spending Christmas with you. Dad refused me last year, but he can’t anymore.”

“No, he can’t.” Geir was eighteen now and living with me. He had full control of his own life, not under the thumb of a parent anymore.

“We’ve been living together almost six months now,” he mused. “Best six months of my life.”

It was flattering—but also true. I didn’t doubt for a second he was happy, happier than he’d ever been. He wasn’t in school, where he was left out of everything and bullied by simple-minded classmates. He wasn’t forced to live in a city he didn’t want to live, far away from me. He was home, right here with me, and this was where he’d stay. If he ever wanted to leave, I’d let him, but until then I was holding tight. Literally.

“Mine too.” And that was definitely true. Even if life was still difficult to navigate at times, it was made easier by the simple fact that he was here. That I could wrap my arms around him and hold him, or letting him hold me, whenever things got rough.

He didn’t say anything else, and neither did I. We just lay like that. I didn’t know how long, all I knew was I felt happy and content.

Since I’d gone to bed so early, I was up before him. He was sprawled on the other end of the bed, in a tee and panama bottoms, duvet only covering half of him. His hair was mussed up and he looked adorable. Nero was at the edge of the bed, stretched out in contentment. He only lifted an eyelid as I got up, then settled back down.

I chuckled to myself as I headed into the bathroom. I brushed my teeth, longer than normal to make up for the fact I hadn’t before I went to bed. After relieving myself, it was time to hop in the shower.

The water was hot and felt so good beating down on my still tired muscles after all the work yesterday.

I was shampooing my hair when came shuffling into the bathroom. “Mind if I join you in there?”

“Not at all. Just keep Nero out.”

“He’s still lazing around in bed.” There was a moment of more shuffling, then the doors open and Geir entered behind me. His hands splayed over my shoulder blades, rubbing my skin as he stepped in close.

“What’re you doing?” I stuck my head under the spray to get rid of the shampoo.

“I hear shower sex is supposed to be good.”

I craned my head to look at him over my shoulder. “And where’ve you heard that?”

“From Nik.” He leaned in to place a soft kiss on a bump of my spine.

“You discuss our sex life with him?” The thought struck me as horrifying. I wasn’t all that comfortable with sex yet, even after six months together having it, so it being broadcasted—

“No. But he has no qualms sharing his.”

Now that I didn’t doubt.

I turned around to face him. With a quick glance down, I saw the idea of shower sex had already excited him. And here I was, unable to deny to him anything. My own excitement started to perk up at the thought, because while we didn’t have sex that often, it was always so good when we did.

A grin spread over his lips, and he opened the doors to lean out, then shut them again as he brandished our tube of lube.

I raised my eyebrows. “Optimistic, much?” Or he knew I couldn’t deny him anything. Likely the latter. Surely he must’ve caught on after six months.

He only stepped in closer and leaned in to kiss me. His cock nudged mine, which perked it right up. From going to never so much as thinking about sex—because the simple thought left me in a panic attack—this was quite the change. It was all because of him. Because he never pushed, because he always stayed within my boundaries, because he was always so damn sweet and good and pliant whenever we did this.

“Sit down.” He took a step away, flicking open the bottle and squeezing lube out onto his fingers.

“Sit down?” We were going to do it on the floor? Still, I did as he told me and sat with my back to the tiles. They would’ve been cold, if not for the hot spray warming them up.

Geir reached behind him, applying the lube, then he straddled my lap. I instantly put my hands on his hips, steadying him, and then simply leaving them there because the feel of his soft skin against my palms were one of my most favourite things to feel.

He squirted out more lube and wrapped that hand around me, coating me with it. He pulled the foreskin down so the plump head was revealed and he rubbed his thumb over the slit, causing me to draw a quick breath.

“We’ve never done this before. In here.” He scooted forward a bit and lowered down over me, holding me so he could press down.

“It’s not the best place for this.” Not for sex. I’d much rather prefer we did it in bed, like we used to do. I wasn’t at all adventurous—though watching him use that dildo of his was quite exciting.  But it all happened in bed, every time.

He leaned in for a kiss, pressing down on me again. He hadn’t prepared himself properly, and I suppose I should’ve pushed the issue, but he was pushing down on me, so the whole thing was kind of moot now.

I groaned once the head breached him, the tightness closing in around me as he pushed further down. I’d never known sex could be good—not before him. And I’d never been the one in this position before either. Back during my childhood, I’d always had to take it. Just the thought of ever doing that again made me a quivering mess, but watching Geir and how much he enjoyed being breached like this… well, it was intoxication.

He really did enjoy being the so-called bottom, to use the clichéd term. And that was good, because if he hadn’t, this never would’ve been an option. I could’ve never been in his position, not ever again, not even for him.

I leaned forward to kiss him, because I wanted to and also because that always had the panicked thoughts fleeing.

He braced his arms on my shoulder and rose up, then sank back down. The tightness, the heat, the simple feel of him against me, skin on skin, made all thoughts of the past vanish. All that mattered was him, us, right here and now.

I cupped his arse-cheeks in my hand, supporting him as he continued to rise up and sit back down.

Our kiss broke as the intensity of his thrusts increased. His lips slid along my cheek, almost all the way to my ear. He moaned softly, a sound I loved to hear more than anything. I liked hearing he enjoying himself, no matter if it was a moan or a laugh. As long as he was happy, I was happy. His happiness was of utmost importance.

Then he groaned, and it didn’t sound like a pleasurable groan either. “Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. The tiles are killing my knees.”

Well, yeah, that was understandable. I’d been too busy enjoying myself to give it any thought though. “Get up.”

“What?” He pulled back to look at me, puzzled.

“Stand up.” The bathroom floor wasn’t a good place for this anyway, hadn’t been from the beginning.

He did as instructed. My cock bounced back against my stomach as it came free of his body, slick with lube. I pushed myself up, leaned over to turn the shower off, then grabbed his shoulders and steering him out.

“Where’re we going?”

“Where this is supposed to be done.”

Nero perked up as we came into the bedroom, and I snapped my fingers at him so he’d jump to the floor. “Lay down.” The bedroom didn’t have a door, so it wasn’t like I could lock him out. And I didn’t want to lock him in the bathroom either. He was a good dog though, because when I told him to do something or stay somewhere, he did.

Geir was already on the bed, stretched out in the middle of it. His body was wet, like mine, and the sheets seemed to absorb it. It didn’t really matter though. All that mattered was him at the moment.

He spread his legs as I crawled on the bed, and I scooted up in-between them. I positioned myself against him, and as I pushed, his body welcomed me by swallowing me right up. I leaned forward, stretching over him and captured his lips in a kiss.

“Yeah,” he whispered afterwards, neck arching back. “Oh, that’s so good.” His lips spread into a wide smile as he gazed up at me.

It brought one out in me too, though not quite as wide. “What?”

“Nothing.” He shook his head, wet hair ruffled against the sheets. “I’m just happy. Happy that we’re together, that we’re enjoying ourselves. That you enjoy this.”

Yeah, that hadn’t been a given a year before. In fact, I’d worried I wouldn’t be able to give this to him at all—but the day he came back to stay, and he used that dildo on himself right in front of me… I’d been so aroused, needing him closer, and tossing the dildo away and just sliding inside him had been so easy, so tight, so wonderful.

I grabbed his hands, moving them up above his head and twining our fingers together as I leaned down for another kiss. I increased the speed of my thrust and he hiked his legs up further to give me better room.

My stomach rubbed against his cock on each thrust and he moaned against my mouth, but managed not to break the kiss. Our tongues played sensuously. Before him, I’d never even been kissed. No one’d been interested in kissing me during my childhood, just having their way with me. So in that regard he was my first—and this kind of sex. That was also a first that had happened with him.

“I’m going to come,” he whispered, voice almost strangled.

“Do it.” I pulled back so I could watch him as he did. His expression during orgasm was one of complete and utter pleasure, even more so than during the sex itself, though he wholeheartedly enjoyed that as well. I could never get enough of watching him, no matter what.

His breathing stuttered, his eyes closed, neck arching… and then he came in small spurts in-between us, body tense and rigid as he did so. I slowed my thrusts as he finished, knowing how much more sensitive he became after climaxing. I was close to, I could feel it.

He blinked his eyes open, his green eyes dark and sated, but still with a fire in them as he watched me. “Your turn,” he whispered, hands coming up to brush over my nipples.

Oh yeah. I stilled all the way inside him as I too came in small, quick spurts. Sex with him was always good, no matter if it was like this, hand jobs or blowjobs. But there was nothing quite as pleasurable as coming inside him, with nothing in-between us.

We’d never used condoms. Never had any use for them. I’d been clean, and so had he, because he’d never been with anyone else.

I collapsed beside him, because he insisted he didn’t mind, I did weigh more than him.

“I love you.” He put his hand on my chest, just letting it rest there.

I took it in mine, entwining our fingers. “I love you too.”

We lay for a while in silence, cooling off. The sheets under us were damp, having soaked up the water from our unfinished shower. It was uncomfortable, but I also couldn’t find the want to get up. It was good lying there with him, coming down from the high.

“We should shower. Have breakfast. And pack.”

“You should pack. I did yesterday.” He rolled over, throwing one leg over me and straddling my hips. His hands braced against my chest, palms covering both my nipples. “Are you okay with this? Spending Christmas up at the cabin with all of them?”

“Yeah.” It was either that or be alone, or with my family. I’d rather go where I could be with him. “It’s cool.” I hadn’t been to the cabin since the summer, when we’d had a week of holiday up there.

“If it’s ever too much, just let me know and we can go for a long walk. Or just retreat to our bedroom. Since we’ll have our own now, what with Linnea and Martin not staying there with us.”

We’d had to share rooms last Easter holiday as well as in the summer, because Geir’s step mum’s family had joined us up there. Now it would only be the more immediate family—Geir’s dad, his girlfriend and her two children, as well as Yngvar’s brother Daniel and his wife. Geir’s cousin was spending the Christmas with her boyfriend’s family, so it wouldn’t be at all as crowded as it had used to be the other two times I’d spent time there. Surely it would be a lot easier this time around.

“You’re thinking too hard.” He leaned down to kiss me, soft lips pressing against mine. “I suppose you’re right, though. We should get a move on. We’ll already be late as it is.”

Geir had promised we’d definitely be up there by two or three o’clock. What with our activities and my lack of packing, we’d not make it in time. If we got moving though, hopefully we wouldn’t be late for dinner.

He laughed as I tickled him, then jumped out of bed and strode into the bathroom. I followed, gaze zeroing in on him as everything else around me faded. He was gorgeous and he was mine. He was here with me, sharing his life with me. Just that simple knowledge would make sure this would be the best Christmas I’d ever had—because I didn’t need anything else but him.

the end.

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