My goals for June

  1. Glass__Lucent_Heart_by_RaingardenFinish Broken Souls – Didn’t finish it, but it’s close! Only about 10K left to go. 
    1. Write blog posts for it
  2. Plan out the rewrite of Inner Demons and Yesterday’s Tears
    1. Start Josh and Damian’s novel?
    2. Make sure it’s in continuance with Matt’s novella
  3. Write blog posts for More Than Anything, Scarred Souls, and Inked Souls
  4. Go through Inked Souls and get it ready for submission
    1. submit it! – Nope, want to write two shorts to put on at the end of it to show off an important scene later on in Josh and Damian’s relationship. Maybe it’ll even get the book up to print length! 
  5. Post All Tied Up, a free read
  6. Rewrite Carnal Desires, a free read
    1. Post it?
  7. Write at least 30K – 38K isn’t too shabby, considering I went on a 1 week holiday  where I didn’t write a thing!
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