New cover for More Than Words

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September 9, 2016
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New cover for More Than Words

morethanwordsThat’s right, I’ve got new covers for MORE THAN WORDS – and more to come for the entire series. The series, incidentally, has even got a proper name: Something More. Neat, right? Just took me forever.

The new version of MORE THAN WORDS should be up soon. I’ll upload it later tonight and hopefully it’ll be live by tomorrow. I have no idea when the new cover will show on Amazon, they’re fickle like that, but it didn’t take many days for the SCARRED SOULS covers.

And you know what? The books aren’t just getting new covers, they’re getting epilogues as well! That’s right, epilogues for both MORE THAN WORDS and LOUDER THAN WORDS.

And because Amazon is shit at updating books without emailing them, and an epilogue won’t be enough to warrant an update, I’ll add these epilogues to the series website – where you can read them there or even download them. I’ll get that done very, very soon. I actually need to fix up the series website so it’s nice and not half-done.

Something’s up with MORE THAN ANYTHING too, but I’ll get back to that when I get the cover and reveal it.