News, news, news

MoreThanWords1I’ve got so many news, I’m not even sure where to start! 

First off, all my books from LT3 are now out of print. I got the rights back today – so most of them will be indie published ASAP. So this means I’m going completely indie! The plan is to get the MORE and SOULS series out rather quickly, so I can then release the new books in both series.

First out is my most popular series: MORE. I’ve done some changes to it, but not much to the stories themselves. Only thing I have done is split MORE THAN ANYTHING and MORE THAN WORDS into two books each.

There are 3 reasons why I’ve done this:

  1. Because I want to release the book in chronological order as per the timeline within the series.
  2. I want to add some scenes in the books (not change anything, just fill out some that was skipped over before), and I didn’t want them to turn into enormous bricks.
  3. I want all books in the series to be around the same length, and since the new novels are between 45-60K, it fits right in to split these two first books in two.

I hope people won’t mind this terribly much. My plan is to get MTW 1 and MTA 1 out in June, then MTW 2 and MTA 2 out in July. I decided to give each couple their own “sub-series” within the overall universe, to separate them from each other a little bit. This is still one series though! I hope I’m not confusing anyone.

MTW 1 and MT2 doesn’t have much new materials, a couple thousands words added at the most. MTW 2 on the other hand, has about 18-20K of new material, most of it at the beginning of the book. MTA 2 has some, but only a couple thousands words there too (a couple scenes to flesh things out a little).

I will post more about this tomorrow!

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