Broken Souls

Scarred Souls Book Three

“Jumping my teacher was a great idea at the time.”

Chad hasn’t had an easy life, with an abusive father and a mother who killed herself. Add to that Dion, the teacher he’s in love with, rejecting him and a mental illness taking over his life, and things are far from great – even if they feel great in the clutch of mania.

Jeremy have a hard enough time dealing with Dion cheating on him, and he does not need the student in question to show up at his door. But Jeremy’s not heartless either, and he helps the beaten teenager.

It gets even more complicated when Jeremy realises Dion isn’t over Chad – and then when Jeremy himself starts to care for Chad too. Can they figure out a way to make things work between them, amidst Chad’s mental state deteriorating and the death of two people close to him?


(c) TT Kove

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