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August 2, 2016
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On writing a 100K novel

mta3I wrote MORE THAN ANYTHING way back in 2013. So long ago now! It’s weird to think about. But I did write it, all 100K of it, in about one and a half month. 

When I first started it seemed like a lot of words and it was so daunting. I didn’t think I could do it, because I struggled with the first novel I wrote, and that one was only 55K. But these characters had been with me so many years, and though their story has changed in that time, I know all of it. I know the old one, which isn’t canon any more, and the new one.

I sat down, I wrote an outline and then I started to write.

The outline was just for the scenes, what needed to be included. I had no idea how many words it would actually be, but I had a goal of 100K, because with all the history it couldn’t be less. And when I started to write I was afraid it would end up being so much longer, because the first part got longer and longer.

I didn’t follow the outline completely either, because the characters changed things on me. There were a few scenes I wanted to include in the novel, but they didn’t fit when it got to that part, so they were scrapped. I am happy about how the novel turned out, though, and I might write some of those scrapped scenes later as extra material.

Rest assured, I have so much more to tell about these two lads, but their story is finished for now. Other couples need their stories told before I can go back to Jørgen and Geir.

This series is quite extensive, and there’s so much to discover!