Out of print, WIPs, & LT3 turning six!

SSScarredSoulsThe Their Circumstances are now officially out of print, never to be seen or heard from again. Now it’s all about the Souls series, the first novel of which is Scarred Souls (a complete redoing of the TC short story by the same name). From here, everything about the TC series is forgotten, and the Souls series will move forwards.

The Vixen anthology, containing my f/f story The Huntress, has also gone out of print. That means that the rights to The Huntress has reverted back to me. I will be going through it, polishing it up, getting it edited, and then I shall self-publish it. I wanted to dip my toes in self-publishing, and what better to do it with than a story who’s rights have reverted back to me, right? I have no dates, but I will come back to it asap.

It’s been Easter and we’ve had visitors, so no writing has happened. Not that it happened much before Easter either, but well… It crawled along, anyway. I’m working on finishing Wounded Souls, and then move on to fix up Lost Souls and write the ending. After that the plan is to start work on More #3, More Than Enough. I also have a secret project I want to work on, but I shall prioritise the project that I can get published first.

Also, my publisher, Less Than Three Press, is turning 6 years old! And for the whole of April there’ll be celebrations in forms of sales, bonus flash sales, and a raffle where you can win awesome prizes! Click the image below to go check out what it’s all about:



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