Plans change again

MoreThanFriends1They aways change. I should never plan anything, because it never happens!

Anyway, so remember I said I was writing on Ben’s second book? Well, I was. Got into it, figured this fit more with the first book, continued writing… and ended it. Not where I’d planned on ending it, but where long before. So I was there with 13K words… and now it’s become chapter ten to thirteen of More Than Friends.

This means Ben’s first book is done at 46K! \o/ 

As for the ending I had planned… I think I’ll make that into a little holiday novelette. And change POV between two different characters, as important stuff happens to them on holiday.

First though, now I’m done with MTF, I’m going to go through More Than Anything. Before I can start More Than Life, Glenn’s book, I need to go through More Than Words. This because I need to get into Glenn’s head, so I have to be clear on exactly how he acted through that book.

Before I start writing this, however, I shall finish Wounded Souls. I’ve got edits for it, some new scenes I need to write, and I think I’m ready for it now. After that, time to rewrite Lost Souls to fit with the new canon of WS. I’m so ready to be done with those two books now. They’ve been WIPs since autumn 2014! I know, mental right? They’re getting done now, no matter what!

Oh! And also… I think I’ve changed my mind about the More series. See that cover there? Yeah, I think it’s going to say MTA 4 instead. Because I’m also thinking about putting both of Leo’s novella together into one novel, so that’ll make MTA 3. Maybe the shorter side-stories will have the title of the novels they’re from, instead. Such as No Right Words having MTW for a series title. Hmmm. Pondering this. I’ll get back to this in a future post.

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