Plans change

MoreThanFriends1Two posts ago, I wrote that after Ben’s book I’d start Glenn’s. Well, I’m one little scene from ending Ben’s book… and it doesn’t end how I’d originally planned. There’s months to go in the story until the original ending I had planned.

Guess what that means? I have to write Ben’s second book before Glenn’s first. And then Ben’s third book after Glenn (which was supposed to be his second!).

The timeline’s all muddled between the books by now, which is why the new books only end up as novellas instead of novels. I don’t plan my books much, so a lot of things happen during them that has an impact on future events and characters, so I have to write in order.

More Than Anything starts before all other books, and ends after all of them. More Than Words ends half a year before MTA. More Than Enough takes place after MTW, as does Not Close Enough. But both of these happen before the end of MTA. This is also the case with More Than Friends. It follows after NCE, but also ends before MTA. Glenn’s book will start after the end of MTA, but I need stuff to happen to Ben before that.

So he gets his second novella right after I finish the first. And Glenn, he’s just got to wait a little bit more.

I’ve got three novellas written now (well, almost. Just that one scene to go from Ben’s POV to finish off the third!). I’m all out of cover models. What to do for the new novella featuring Ben? I haven’t got another stock photo of the same guy, nor do I have one for Tarjei. Arrrgh. Got to think of something.

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